Probiotic and Nutritional Digestion Support

The following products have all shown to have properties that improve digestion. In-Liven and Green Vibrance contain probiotics that repopulate the digestive tract with the good bacteria. Brazil Live and True Blue Coral Calcium are highly alkalizing to neutralize stomach acids.

Probiotic and Digestive Health Products

Miessence Certified Organic In-Liven Probiotic SuperFood imageMiessence Certified Organic In-Liven Probiotic SuperFood

Provides the Necessary Foods to Assist the Body's Natural Defense System and to Clear the Body
We are exposed to numerous pollutants in our everyday lives: lead, mercury, cadmium (plus over 4,500 toxic heavy metal by-products), drugs, vaccines and a host of other dangers that wreak havoc in our bodies. As our toxin levels rise, our immune system and other critical processes in our body become dangerously compromised and begin to fail. The secret to good health lies in the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. Lactobacillus bacteria form a significant part of the natural intestinal flora. Large populations of this and other lactic acid producing bacteria regulate the levels of friendly bacteria and reduce levels of toxic pathogens that cause ill heath. more info

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Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Probiotic SuperFood Supplement

Our vitality is the sum total of the health of each cell of the body. In order to achieve optimal health, the immune system must be strong, and a robust gastro-intestinal tract must draw in a complete selection of healthful nutrients. Those nutrients must in turn be delivered to all the cells of the body, even those at the very edge of your fingers and toes. more info

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Brazil Live Coral Calcium

Harvested Live As It Washes up on the Beaches of Northern Brazil
"There is a new category of coral that is neither above-sea nor below. In fact it is not from Okinawa. This new coral is harvested live as it washes up on the beaches of Northern Brazil. The certificates of analysis on this product show it has more than 12 times the trace mineral content of Okinawa corals (both above and below sea varieties). The calcium and magnesium levels are stronger too. This Brazilian coral is the only product so far that has not had it's minerals depleted through aging in the elements since it is picked up as it washes in while still living. It is cold processed unlike Okinawa corals to retain the marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids and pytochemicals." -- Coral Calcium Watch-Dog more info

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TrueBlue Okinawa Coral Calcium

100% Pure and Uncut, Authentic Above-sea Coral from Okinawa
TrueBlue uses only 100% pure and uncut, authentic coral from Okinawa, Japan that is ecologically harvested from above sea. It is certified to contain all 73 minerals found in the human body. The mineral composition of coral is almost exactly that of the human skeleton. Mineral composition is important because they work synergistically as each mineral does its part to keep the body functioning in peak performance. more info

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