True Blue Coral Calcium - We have discontinued this product because the product is harvested after the Okinawa Japan RADIATION LEAK

Coral Contains Every Mineral Found in the Human Body

Coral contains every mineral -- 73 minerals -- in a composition almost exactly that of the human skeleton. The mineral composition is important, because they work synergistically as each mineral does its part to keep the body functioning in peak performance. As a result, minerals play a vital role in the health of the body, and a lack of certain minerals can lead to many health challenges.

Mineral Wheel

Mineral wheelThe mineral wheel shows the complex interactions between different minerals (click picture for a larger view). Some minerals require other minerals to be present in order to do their job (single arrows on the lines of the mineral wheel.).

Other minerals interfere with anothers bioavailability (double, opposing arrows on the lines of the mineral wheel). This simplified mineral wheel illustrates the interactions of only 23 minerals. Imagine the complexity if all 73 naturally occurring minerals and elements were included.

The primary objective of mineral intake should be to obtain the proper mineral balance. Coral exists in a natural balance.

True Blue Coral Calcium Is Easily Assimilated

Coral Calcium is specially formulated for optimal assimilation because minerals, especially calcium, can be very difficult to get into the blood stream. No matter how much calcium or minerals we take, they won't do any good if they don't get into the blood.

True Blue Okinawa Coral Calcium

TrueBlue Coral Calcium bottlesCoral minerals are naturally ionized (nature's smallest form, 1,000 times smaller than colloidal) allowing for nearly total bioavailability. Coral Calcium includes a blend of minerals, vitamin D (which must be present for absorption to occur), hydrochloric acid (HCL or stomach acid) for enhanced assimilation and malic acid (from apples) to prevent calcium from clumping, which can cause gas and constipation. Ingredients

Certificate of Analysis of True Blue Coral Calcium

True Blue Coral Calcium Capsules and Powder

The effects are nothing short of miraculous for some people. Order now to get started on this powerful coral calcium formula. We offer the best price on True Blue Coral Calcium capsules and powder.

All Coral Calcium Products Are NOT Made the Same!

ECO Safe Coral

Coral reefs are considered an endangered species. The coral used in the True Blue Coral Capsules is ECO SAFE. By only using coral from above-sea level deposits on the islands of Okinawa, living reefs are protected. More important, coral from above the water line is free from the heavy metals and other toxins that industrialized society has dumped into the oceans. The Eco Safe coral grew under water millions of years ago and has been preserved under layers of soil until mined for the True Blue Coral Calcium Supplement.

Many companies sell below water coral that they say is only the dead coral debris vacuumed up from around the reefs.  While this is somewhat true, what they really do is dredge the ocean floor around the reefs with huge industrial dredging equipment that not only takes the dead coral debris but destroys the reef eco system and the precious animal kingdom that called it home.

Which Coral Calcium Is Best?

There are many claims being made for coral calcium: this one is the best, that one is most absorbable, clinical grade is better, Fossilized Coral, Sango Coral, Ionized Coral, Robert (Bob) Barefoot's formula . . . it's a dizzying array of claims to sort through. Others suggest coral is a "scam" on the one hand, and the "fountain of youth" on the other.

What Is the Truth?

Coral Calcium is an excellent source of calcium and minerals in an exceptional bioavailable form. People who lack calcium and trace minerals experience exciting benefits from coral calcium. However, no clinical trials of any significance have been done, so there is no medical evidence one way or the other, but lab assays do show the mineral content is real. That would explain why hundreds of doctors, mostly chiropractors and naturopathic doctors and a handful of MDs, recommend it. True Blue Coral Calcium is a very good health supplement ... nothing more, nothing less ... and you should take it with the expectation that it will support your body like any other excellent health supplement.

Of the dozens of coral calcium products available, they almost all come from one of two sources: below-sea "marine coral" which is vacuumed from the ocean bottom or "above-sea coral" which is from large chunks of coral. And excellent discussion of the difference between below-sea and above-sea can be found at Coral Calcium Watch Dog

Okinawa Coral, Sango Coral, Ionized Coral, Clinical Grade, Physician Formulated, Robert Barefoot Formula . . . with so many versions all claiming to be the best, which should you take? See the product comparison at Coral Calcium Watch-Dog

Warning! Cheap Coral Suppliers Abound,
But They Are Not a Bargain!

Watch for Substandard Coral

Do not buy "Cheap Coral". It is not a bargain. Genuine Coral is expensive to harvest, ship and process properly. The stores and many web sites are filled with brands that cut corners such as:

Blending the Okinawa coral with other forms of calcium or coral from other parts of the world.

Selling low-grade coral or high-lead-content coral.

Selling it in caplet form, which is not absorbable due to binding agents and fillers. Capsules are much better utilized by humans.

Certificate of Analysis of True Blue Coral Calcium

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