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Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I get healthy?" While there are many ways to get healthy, the path to better health must include cleaning up the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat, for they are the core elements of getting healthy. Beyond that, there are other things that contribute to getting healthier, including the work you do, the friends you keep, the choices you make and the thoughts you think. So the answer to the question, "How do I get healthy" is to clean up all those aspects of your life that contribute to unhealthiness.

Welcome to InspiredLiving.com, an online health and wellness product and resource center that has been online since 1997. We have spent more than a decade searching for the best quality products that promote better health. We personally test the products before making the decision to sell them, and most of the products we sell can be found in our homes. So you can be assured that any product you buy from InspiredLiving.com does what it claims to do and is made with quality in mind. Most of the products we carry are organic, green and/or made in the USA.

"I've ordered a number of items from you in the past. I really appreciate the quality and care you provide with your business. I am a natural junkie. I've spent a lot of time researching quality products and you offer most of them. Your monthly newsletter is also enlightening and always right on time." -- Sabriyah, New York

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Because we use the products we sell, we are uniquely qualified to provide sales advice and recommendations. We pride ourselves on our customer service, taking the approach of treating our customers as we would want to be treated, never rushing you and taking the time to answer ALL your  questions. Call us Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm PST at 866-875-4386 (toll free US and Canada, others kindly call 503-537-0636) or email us.

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Health Improvement & Nutrition Store Product Categories

Our goal is to provide products that can improve your health. The following are brief descriptions of the many health and wellness sections at our website. You can also use the left-menu to find the products you desire.

Air Purifiers for Homes, Business and Commercial ApplicationsAir Purifiers for Home, Business and Commercial

This section focuses on educating visitors about indoor air quality, air pollution and air purification, and includes articles, resources and air purifier products that solve a variety of indoor air pollution problems and odor problems.

Because no one air purifier does it all, we carry several brands -- Air Oasis home and commercial air purifiers, Airfree Sanitizers, Surround Multi-Tech Ionizers, Airpura HEPA/Carbon air purifiers and Ozonator for Refrigerator Sanitizing and Food Life Extension -- helping you find the right model for the right problems. Technologies we carry include HEPA filter, carbon filters, TiO2, negative ions, UV lamps and advanced oxidation, and we have models from small travel and room sizes to whole house and commercial application, like nail salons, kennels, school rooms and more.

Beauty and Hygiene Products from Miessence, Abbey St Clare and moreBeauty and Hygiene Products

This section includes products that are either certified organic or made with organic and/or wild-crafted ingredients to enhance your beauty and hygiene. Products we carry include Miessence skin care, hair care, body care, dental care, cosmetics and shaving aids, Perfect Prescription toothsoap and tooth brighteners, Abbey St. Clare anti-aging skin care and hair stimulation shampoo and conditioners, Honey Bee lip lip care and eyeliners and Signature Minerals eye shadows.

Additionally, we carry VioLight toothbrush sanitizers and portable sonic toothbrushes, Nasopure nasal cleansing (faster and easier than a netti pot) and more.

Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products: Disks, Whole House Plug, Pillows, Powder, Supplements imageEMF Radiation Neutralizers

Aulterra EMF protection products are natural homeopathic paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements proven to neutralize, rather than block, the damaging effects on DNA caused by EMF-RF emitting electronic equipment. Man-made EMFs and RFs may cause headaches, fatigue, congestion, short-term memory problems, sleep problems, joint and muscle pain, cancer and present other grave dangers to human health. We carry Aulterra disks, whole house plug, pillows, powder and supplements.

Far Infrared Light Therapy Devices

There is a long list of proven and effective health benefits of far infrared therapy that has been documented over the past 25 years. It is thought that light photons are absorbed by the skin and underlying tissue, which triggers biological changes within the body in a process known as photobiomodulation. Although the exact mechanism of action is still undergoing study, what is known is that monochromatic light increases oxygen and blood flow, facilitating wound healing.

We carry far infrared treatment devices for acne, pain relief, wrinkles and skin rejuvenation, a portable personal sauna and a sauna belt.


Nutritional Supplements and Health Promoting DevicesHealth Promoting Nutritional Supplements and Devices

We carry a wide variety of supplements, most of which are made from certified organic or wild-crafted whole foods. We have supplements for use on an "as needed" basis, such as Allimax Garlic, Colloidal Defense, Nascent Iodine, Edible Earth, Environmental Detox Clays and Himalayan Salt Sole, as well as products that support your daily dietary needs, such as Green Vibrance, Vitamin D3, Coral Calcium, Humic-Fulvic Minerals, Stabilized Activated Oxygen and Joint Vibrance. Additionally, we carry many health-promoting devices, like the Himalayan Salt Inhaler and the Himalayan Salt Foot and Hand Detoxer. Products are group by category, and many products are listed in multiple categories, depending on their functional purpose.

Hemp Heart High Protein, Essential Fatty Acids and Fiber Rich Bars and Seeds

Hemp Heart Meal Replacement BarsHemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds) are the best source of protein, essential fats -- rich in Omega -- vitamins and enzymes on the Earth. Those who begin each day with at least four or five tablespoons of Hemp Hearts, preferably with fruit and yogurt (vegetables for diabetics), will notice from the first day that they have sufficient energy for the entire day, that they expel wastes after every meal and that they are not hungry again until mid-afternoon.

Hemp Heart Energy Bars can be consumed as many separate protein and energy bars, as a large number of tiny but nutrient packed meal components (servings) or as several complete, high protein, high energy morning meals.Hemp heart bars dark chocolate toppings are almond, cashew, macadamia, pecan, pine nuts, cranberry, blueberry and strawberry. Dark milk chocolate toppings are walnut, apricot, cherry and goji berry.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt ProductsHimalayan Crystal Rock Salt Products

Three hundred million years ago, a vast primordial ocean covered the area that would become the Himalayan mountain range. The salt of that unpolluted ocean was preserved as large crystal formations that now yield the purest salt on earth.

We carry about a dozen different lamp shapes and sizes, candleholders, bath salts, bath scrubs, table and cooking salt in fine or coarse, salt chunks for sole, detox lamp and salt inhaler.


Safe, Non-Toxic Household ProductsHousehold Products

Your home is your haven and should be a safe haven that supports health. This section is filled with articles, products and resources to build a healthier environment in your home, including nontoxic household products, appliances to extend the life of foods in your refrigerator, and to create healthier meals.


Odor Elimination Products for All OdorsOdor Elimination Sponges and Sprays

Our senses are bombarded by offensive odors from a variety of sources, like body odors, pet odors, food odors, smoke odors and musty odors. Obviously, the best way to get rid of an odor is to remove and clean the odor causing substance. But some odors are very difficult to eliminate even with washing, since any porous material like wood, drywall, carpeting, etc. holds the odor molecules inside.

No matter what the source of the odor is, we have products to remove the smelly offenders, including odor sponges, odor sprays and air purifiers. After selling this product since 1994, we have yet to find an order problem the sponges or sprays will not eliminate.


Products for Pregnant and Nursing WomenProducts for Pregnant and Nursing Women

What you eat and put on your skin gets absorbed by you and your baby, so it is especially important to select chemical-free products that support better health.That includes the creams you put on your skin, the water you bath in and drink and the food you eat.

For your comfort during pregnancy and when breast feeding, we carry full body pillows. To help prevent stretch marks, we carry Miessence Certified Organic Breast and Belly cream. We even have a portable, reusable hot pad that can be used to heat baby bottles and Abbey St. Clare Orange Blossom Hydrosol that soothes diaper rash irritation almost immediately.


Relaxation and Pain Relief Products

Feeling tense or stressed out? It's impossible to function at our best when our body is screaming in discomfort. Relaxation at home or work is key to optimum functioning. We offer relaxation therapy in the form of tips and techniques you can easily do at home or work to immediately relax your body, mind or spirit, as well as products designed to ease body tension. We carry acupressure prickly pads, far infrared deep penetrating light devices, neck support, portable heat packs, full body pillows and St. Luke's pain relief gel.


Seychelle Portable Pitcher, Straw, Sports Bottle, Canteen and Emergency Water FiltersSeychelle Portable Pitcher, Straw, Sports Bottle, Canteen and Emergency Water Filters

Seychelle portable water filtration products help the environment and are a better alternative to bottled water. They are specifically designed to assure that the water you drink is great-tasting, fresh and clean regardless of the source - straight from the tap, or from rivers, lakes, streams, creeks or ponds. They are ideal for everyday use when camping, hiking, biking, backpacking, at school, at the office and especially for emergency preparedness.

The plastic bottles Seychelle uses are environmentally safe, re-usable, and can be recycled. They will not leach and are BPA free. They provide up to 100 gallons of great-tasting filtered water which is equal to 757 half liters of bottled water for just pennies a gallon.


Sprite Shower FiltersShower Filters and Bath Water Filters

We carry a large selection of shower and bath filter styles, including Sprite for toxic chlorine that can dry your skin, cause hair loss and contribute to allergy symptoms, CuZn for chlorine or chloramines and heavy metals, and VitaShower Vitamin C filter for chlorine and chloramines.

For bath water, we carry CuZn Bath Balls (available for chlorine or chloramines) and the VitaBath tablets which remove both chlorine and chloramines. We also carry the Mediterranean Bath Salts from Sprite.


CuZn Water Filters for Kitchen, Bathroom, Travel, Whole House and Water SoftenersWater Filters and Salt-Less Water Softeners

CuZn's patented FilterFoam disks combine the benefits of the highly rated dedusted, acid washed coconut shell carbon and KDF copper-zinc with their unique layered media delivery system. We carry a variety of water filters to removes different water pollution problems, such as chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, nitrates, arsenic and other heavy metals, iron (rust water), sulfur (rotten egg smell), acid water (low pH), radioactives and hardness.

Products are available for the kitchen (countertop and under-counter), refrigerators, bath tubs, showers, travel, whole house (45,000, 80,000, 300,000 and 500,000 gallons options) and salt-less water softeners.


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