Coral Calcium Near the Coral Reefs of Brazil

Feel the Difference Brazil Live Coral Calcium Makes!

There is a new category of coral that is neither above-sea nor below. In fact, it is not from Okinawa. This new coral is harvested live as it washes up on the beaches of Northern Brazil. The certificates of analysis on this product show it has more than 24 times the trace mineral content of Okinawa corals (both above and below-sea varieties). The calcium and magnesium levels are stronger, too. This Brazilian coral is the only product so far that has not had it's minerals depleted through aging in the elements, since it is picked up as it washes in while still living. It is cold processed, unlike Okinawa corals, to retain the marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids and pytochemicals. Coral Calcium Watch Dog


Brazil Living Coral Calcium

  • Vibrant and live coral
  • 24x more trace minerals
  • 3x more calcium and magnesium
  • Cold processed
  • Marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids, pytochemicals and enzyme intact

Brazil living coral

Okinawa Coral Calcium

  • Dead and degraded coral
  • Low trace mineral content
  • Only 30% of RDA for calcium and magnesium
  • Heat processed
  • Marine nutrients destroyed

dead coral

Live coral from Brazil beachSince Brazil Live Coral Calcium is alive, the obvious concern is how can it be harvested without harming the delicate coral reefs?

The species of coral used does not generally grow in coral reefs. The tiny corals attach to pieces of seaweed on the sandy ocean bottom. Toward the latter part of its 180-day life cycle, it typically reaches the size of a person's fist and it's weight is such that it cannot be supported by the seaweed.

The wave action of the ocean washes the coral onto the shore where it will die within 48 hours when exposed to the sun. Like apples falling from a tree, it is a matter of harvesting them or letting them decompose.

Brazil Live Coral Calcium Contains
Every Mineral Found in the Human Body

Coral contains every mineral -- 73 minerals -- in a composition almost exactly that of the human skeleton. The mineral composition is important, because they work synergistically as each mineral does its part to keep the body functioning in peak performance. As a result, minerals play a vital role in the health of the body, and a lack of certain minerals can lead to many

Mineral Wheel

mineral wheel

There is a complex interaction between different minerals. Some minerals require other minerals to be present in order to do their job, while other minerals interfere with anothers bioavailability. This simplified mineral wheel illustrates the interactions of only 23 minerals. Imagine the complexity if all 73 naturally-occurring minerals and elements were included.

The primary objective of mineral intake should be to obtain the proper mineral balance. Brazil Fresh Harvest Coral has all the minerals and elements in the human body in proportionate amounts.

Benefits of Coral Calcium

The popular TV infomercial makes it seem like the calcium in coral is responsible for its extraordinary health benefits over traditional calcium supplements. We believe that calcium's importance in coral has been overstated, and that the major benefits of coral derive from the complete mineral balance found in coral compared to single-element calcium supplements. A good body of science shows calcium is more effective when taken with other minerals, so as to provide a mineral balance (Heaney, Becker, and Weaver, 1990; Huliz, 1990; Beal and Scofield, 1995; Harvey, 1988).

Therefore, it is the magnesium and 73 other minerals working with the calcium that is responsible for the extraordinary results more than the bioavailability of calcium in coral. After all, there are several calcium formulas today that boast high absorption rates, yet have not created a fraction of the results that coral appears to have.

Okinawa coral has more minerals than regular calcium supplements, so it has better results than calcium carbonate and calcium citrate supplements. Brazil Live Coral Calcium has more minerals than Okinawa coral, with a further improvement in balance with respect to calcium and even better results. No matter how much calcium or minerals we take, they won't do any good if they don't get into the blood.

Brazil Live Coral Calcium Calcium contains 800mg of coral in three veggie capsules. Since it is live food nothing else is added. Coral minerals are naturally ionized (nature's smallest form, 1,000 times smaller than colloidal) allowing for nearly total bioavailability. 

The effects are nothing short of miraculous for some people.  Order now to get started on this powerful coral calcium formula.

All Coral Calcium Products Are NOT Made the Same!

ECO Safe Coral

The exclusive distributor of Brazil Live Coral Calcium employs a team of trained locals who fresh harvest the coral from the beaches at low tide. The crop is rotated from beach-to-beach to be sure the natural cycle of decomposing coral is allowed to occur.

On a single stormy day, a productive 300-meter stretch of beach will yield over 5,000 tons of fresh coral! The distributor holds the exclusive contract with the Brazilian Government for the entire 7,491 Km of coastline so over-harvesting will not be a challenge.

Many may assume that Brazil is a country lax on environmental issues, but nothing could be further from the truth in regards to protecting sea life. In order to collect coral, the harvesters must hold Federal, State and County licenses. A picture ID must be carried from both the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and an Environmental group. Regular inspections are conducted and tough penalties, including jail terms, are applicable for noncompliance.

The exclusive distributor of Brazil Live Coral Calcium participates with the University of Sao Paulo to further study sustainability and environmental issues.

By comparison, many companies sell below water coral that they say is only the dead coral debris vacuumed up from around the reefs.  While this is somewhat true, what they really do is dredge the ocean floor around the reefs with huge industrial dredging equipment that not only takes the dead coral debris, but destroys the reef eco system and the precious animal kingdom that call it home.

Which Coral Calcium Is Best?

There are many claims being made for coral calcium supplements: this one is the best, that one is most absorbable, clinical grade is better, Fossilized Coral, Sango Coral, Ionized Coral, Robert Barefoot Coral Calcium, Marine Coral Calcium, Coral Calcium Supreme . . . it's a dizzying array of claims to sort through. Others suggest coral is a "scam" on the one hand, and the "fountain of youth" on the other.

What is the truth?

Brazil Live Coral Calcium supplement is an excellent source of calcium and minerals in an exceptional bioavailable form. People who lack calcium and trace minerals experience exciting benefits from coral calcium. However, no clinical trials of any significance have been done, so there is no medical evidence one way or the other, but lab assays do show the mineral content is real. That would explain why hundreds of doctors, mostly chiropractors and naturopathic doctors and a handful of MDs, recommend it. Brazil Live Coral Calcium is a very good health supplement nothing more, nothing less and you should take it with the expectation that it will support your body like any other excellent health supplement.

Above-Sea Coral Versus Below-Sea Marine Coral Calcium

Okinawa Coral, Sango Coral, Ionized Coral, Clinical Grade, Physician Formulated, Robert Barefoot Formula . . . with so many versions all claiming to be the best, which should you take?

Of the dozens of coral calcium products available, they almost all come from one of two sources: below-sea "marine coral," which is vacuumed from the ocean bottom, or "above-sea coral," which is from large chunks of coral. Brazil Live Coral Calcium is the only product that has not had its minerals depleted through aging in the elements, since it is picked up as it washes on shore while still alive. It is cold processed, unlike Okinawa corals, to retain the marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids and pytochemicals. An excellent discussion of the difference among below-sea, above-sea and Brazil Live Coral Calcium can be found at Coral Calcium Watch Dog

Warning! Cheap Coral Suppliers Abound,
But They Are Not a Bargain!

Watch for Substandard Coral

Do not buy "Cheap Coral". It is not a bargain. Genuine Coral is expensive to harvest, ship and process properly. The stores and many web sites are filled with brands that cut corners such as:
  • Blending the Okinawa coral with other forms of calcium or coral from other parts of the world.
  • Selling low-grade coral or high-lead-content coral.
  • Selling it in caplet form, which is not absorbable due to binding agents and fillers. Capsules are much better utilized by humans.

We ONLY Handle the Best Coral Calcium:
Brazil Live Coral Calcium and TrueBlue above-sea Coral,
both Given Top Honors from Coral Calcium Watch Dog.

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