Remove Water Pollution Like Chlorine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals,
VOCs, Pesticides and More with Filter-Based Water Purifiers

Water filters for use in Restaurants, Kitchens, Wet Bars, RVs, Boats,
Florists, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers,
Produce Departments, Health Food Stores, Delis . . . anywhere fresh,
pure, pollution-free drinking, cooking or bathing water is desired.

Water FaucetWhat's That You're Drinking?

We all want to believe that the home tap water we drink is safe. In fact, we want to take that for granted. And maybe there was a time when we could. But today, even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 45,000,000 Americans drink tap water polluted with chemicals, lead, pesticides, parasites, bacteria and other impurities.

Many people think that drinking bottled water is better, yet regulations that govern bottled water only require it to be as good as tap water. This was confirmed by a recently published report stating as much as 49% of all bottled water is actually tap water in a bottle. Most people must not know this because in 2011 Americans purchased 9.1 billion gallons of bottled water, even though in recent years bottled water has come under increased scrutiny because of:

  • Plastic bottles leaching toxic chemicals like BPA, Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic acids.
  • Millions of barrels of oil are used each year to produce and transport bottled water.
  • Billions of empty bottles end up in landfills and the ocean each year, where they may last for 1,000 years.

Nearly Every Bottled Water Product Flunked Environmental Working Group's Test

Then there is the high cost per gallon of bottle water, which is often nothing more than tap water. When the Environmental Working Group tested 173 bottled water brands for transparency — what each company is willing to share with you about where their water comes from, how or if it’s treated, and how pure it is — more than half of all bottled waters flunked. In fact, only 3 brands received a B grade, and none received an A.

What's Wrong with Our Water?

In 2005, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested municipal water in 42 states and detected some 260 contaminants in public water supplies. Of those, 141 were unregulated chemicals for which public health officials have no safety standards, much less methods for removing them. Additional problems include:

Pharmceutical Drugs - U.S. manufacturers, including major drugmakers, have legally released at least 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways that often provide drinking water. Yet consumers are considered the biggest contributors to the contamination. They consume drugs, then excrete what their bodies don't absorb. Other times, they flush unused drugs down toilets. It was also found that an estimated 250 million pounds of pharmaceuticals and contaminated packaging are thrown away each year by hospitals and long-term care facilities. Unfortunately,: water companies do not presently test for the presence of drugs.

Giardia Cysts - Giardia has become the most common cause of water-borne disease in the United States.

Cryptosporidium Cysts - Major outbreaks of disease have been caused by Cryptosporidium cysts that have been found in 28% of tested drinking water.

Pesticides and Herbicides - According to the USGS Water Science School, "Pesticide contamination of ground water is a subject of national importance because ground water is used for drinking water by about 50 percent of the Nation's population. This especially concerns people living in the agricultural areas where pesticides are most often used, as about 95 percent of that population relies upon ground water for drinking water. . . Studies have now shown that . . .Pesticides can reach water-bearing aquifers below ground from applications onto crop fields, seepage of contaminated surface water, accidental spills and leaks, improper disposal, and even through injection waste material into wells."

Children Are at Greatest Risk

The Harvard School of Public Health is especially concerned about the effects of tap water on children. They estimate that as much as 10% of serious gastrointestinal illness in children can be directly attributed to their drinking unpurified, polluted water. Read more about Water Pollution

If the water you drink is not pure, your body will effectively become the final filtration.

Why Clean, Healthy Water Is So Important:

  • Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue?
  • 89% of our body is water, yet 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated?
  • Even mild dehydration will slow metabolism as much as 3%?
  • Drinking 5 glasses of purified water per day reduces the risk of colon cancer by 45%?
  • Drinking 5 glasses of purified water per day reduces the risk of breast cancer by 79%?
  • Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day would reduce back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers?
  • 86% of all people in the U.S. are worried about the quality of their tap water?

What's the Health Minded Household to Do

CuZn water filtration systems are the most effective, innovative and affordable solutions for water purification use in kitchens, refrigerators, bathrooms, offices and business applications, as well as whole house water filters. CuZn combines the most powerful water purifying technology available to bring your family the safest, purest, best tasting water imaginable. Additionally, we carry Seychelle portable and emergency water purifiers and Sprite shower filters.

Water Filter Information

The water filtration media used in various water models that we carry -- KDF 55, KDF 85 filters, GAC (granular activated carbon) filters, compressed carbon block filters, acid washed coconut shell carbon -- meet NSF standards 42 and 53, do not channel or bypass, have exceptional flow rates and can be used with cold and warm water (40O - 100OF). For a discussion and comparison of different water filtration medias click here. For a discussion of water purification methods that work on biological pathogens, click here.

List of water filters by style, problem and brand.

Optional water filters are available by request to solve other water pollution problems, like Arsenic, E-coli, Fluoride and Flourine, Nitrates, Sodium, Hard Water (3 filters maximum per water purifier system).

There is no better, no more cost-efficient way to obtain pure, healthful drinking water than with a countertop, under-counter or whole house water purifier. In addition to the miscellaneous water filter application discussed below, see:

Miscellaneous Water Products Summary

Watersafe Well Water Test Kit imageWatersafe City Drinking Water Test Kit

This do-it-yourself water testing kit allows you to check your drinking water for eight common contaminants. Its fast and accurate as a lab! This simple, affordable one-of-a-kind kit tests for (Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, pH and Hardness) 8 of the most common and potentially hazardous contaminants found in drinking water. more info

Watersafe Well Water Drinking Water Test Kit

This do-it-yourself water testing kit is specifically designed to test for all 10 of the most common types of harmful contaminants found in private well water, including: iron, copper, lead, bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH and hardness. If your home draws from private well water, regular testing (recommended yearly or more) is the only way to ensure the purity of your water and safeguard the health of your family.

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CuZn AquaMate Garden Water FilterCuZn AquaMate Garden Water Filter

CuZn water garden filters eliminate chlorine and restores luster to plants, making them healthier and stronger. The CuZn AquaMate garden water filters reduce lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits and helps to soften your water naturally without salt! When used to water potted plants, it eliminates the salt ring inside your pots, and minimizes leaf burn. It restores luster to plants and makes them hardier. For gardens, you will receive the same benefits mentioned above, plus your plants will be healthier, stronger and produced more. The finishing touch to organic gardening. more info

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CuZn AquaMate RV Exterior Water Filter CuZn AquaMate RV Exterior Water Filter

Take pure, filtered water with you on the road. CuZn's AquaMate RV Water Filter installs easily between the supply and the intake on your vehicle. The CuZn AquaMate utilizes the new PowerDisk Patented FilterFoam Technology, designed exclusively by CuZn for dechlorinating applications. The PowerDisk with it's non-woven filter pad will eliminate dirt, sediment, odors and chlorine. It also reduces lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits and helps to soften your water naturally without salt! more info

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CuZn Itty Bitty Travel Countertop Water Filter imageCuZn Itty Bitty Travel Countertop Water Filter

The slim CuZn Itty-Bitty Travel Counter-Top Water Filter design assures you of instant, top-quality water wherever you go. It works with any faucet to filter all your water needs, providing you of the best possible water for drinking, washing, brushing teeth, etc.

Using a combination of trace minerals (copper and zinc in the patented form of KDF which has been tested to NSF Standards 42 and 61) and coconut shell carbon, the Travel Filter removes or reduces hundreds of contaminants from water, including chlorine, lead, heavy metals, trihalomethanes, herbicides, and pesticides much the same as Mother Nature uses the earth and its minerals to cleanse water and unlike carbon-only filters, bacteria can't grow inside the bacteriostatic CuZn filters! The Travel Filter also features a post-filter that removes sediment down to 25 microns. more info

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Quantum Age Water Stirwands Water TreatmentQuantum Age Water Stirwands

Our cells absorb single water molecules one at a time only through aquaporin channels in the cells. We now know and have proven that its not the source or cost of water, nor the pH level or clusters that count in hydration and oxygenation its the chemical balance and stability of water when you drink it. Water that has been stirred with Stirwands has been clinically proven to: 1) Deliver therapeutic levels of hydration and oxygen to your cells via single water molecules; 2) Increase hydration immediately -- 28.5% within 30 days; 3) Increase blood oxygen immediately -- 10.25% within 14 days; and 4) Decreases cellular toxins -- 18.2% within 90 days were THAT toxic. more info

Buy Two and SAVE 10%, Buy Eight and SAVE 15%

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Have Special Water Filtration Needs?

We can customize the CuZn water filters in a variety of ways, to treat sodium, hard water, sediment, iron and sulphur. Also, see our countertop and under-counter options that remove Chloramines, Arsenic, Fluoride, Nitrates, Cysts and Radioactives. If you have well water, call us toll free at 866-875-4386 for more information.

Cuzn Filters are made in the U.S.A. and are Duty FREE to Canada

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