Hydroxyl Ions (OH) Are a
Powerful Air Purification Process

The Air Oasis brands of Air Purifiers that we carry use a unique nano Nickle catalytic hydration process to create powerful purifying hydroxyls, or hydroxyl ions (OH), which are, in turn, used to create additional friendly oxidizers to purify the air. These natural air-cleansing agents, which are formed when ozone, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and moisture (humidity) are combined, produce powerful oxidants that are significantly more powerful than plain ozone. These molecules have been described as "the single most important cleansing agent in the earth's atmosphere.

The Air Oasis process allows these air purifiers to only require a very small amount of ozone to produce large amounts of hydroxyls using the natural humidity in the air. Hydroxyl ions, which occur naturally in our atmosphere, are more effective at oxidizing pollutants in the air than ozone, and 2.5 times more germicidal and fungicidal than chlorine, making them the most effective method of destroying mold, bacteria, viruses and germs that you can buy.  Hydroxyls have also been proven effective at eliminating chemical fumes, vapors and unpleasant odors, much more so than plain ozone. Hydroxyl ions break down hazardous organic compounds and are a major catalyst in the chain reaction necessary for contaminant oxidation. 

Why Are Hydroxyls an Important Part of Our Air?

Hydroxyls are the atmosphere's natural filter. Several recent studies have brought to light some alarming facts:

An international study being conducted over the Indian Ocean which, in part, measured hydroxyl ion levels, led a team of atmospheric experts to conclude that without hydroxyl ions, air pollution can remain at toxic and harmful levels for much longer, increasing the likelihood of negative effect on humans. More than half a million people die in India every year of pollution-related respiratory ailments; similar numbers are recorded in other Asian countries. It is a known fact that hydroxyl ions are necessary for natural air cleansing and toxin removal. Hydroxyls are why our planet hasn't choked itself to death and the reason we can live in our cities.

How Air Oasis Air Purifiers Produce Powerful Hydroxyl Ions

The Air Oasis line of air purifiers produce just enough ozone -- and it is a very small amount; as low as .01 to .02 or less -- to enable the production of hydroxyl ions. Ozone, or O3, is produced by the Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp (these technologies do not use the older corona discharge method) inside the unit. Other wavelengths of light produced by this lamp break the O3 into O2 (oxygen) and O1 (oxygen singlets). The O1 molecules are highly reactive and will readily combine with hydrogen (H) atoms that are found in the natural humidity in the air to make OH -- hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals are an extremely powerful air purifying agent, much more so than ozone and without the undesirable side effects commonly associated with air cleaners whose primary method of air cleansing is ozone.

The new patent-pending AHPCO by Air Oasis is the latest advancement in Photo hydro ionization technology. Air Oasis has developed a proprietary broad spectrum, high efficiency UV bulb (HE/UVTM) to work with Air Oasis' hydrated quad-metallic target and PPC-UV bulb coating, also a fiber optics quartz indicator light. The target acts as a catalyst for a hydroxyl radical reaction of the broad spectrum 100-300 nm HE/UVTM energy with water vapor on the hydrated target. The results are hydro peroxides, super oxide ions, passive negative ions hydroxides and ozonide ions. This is truly a breakthrough in air purification technology -- and only Air Oasis has it.

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