UV - Ultraviolet  Light
A Powerful Air Purification Process

Ultraviolet (UV) light waves from the sun destroy bacteria, viruses (including Swine Flu and SARS), molds and other pollutants, including mold spores. It has been used for years by the medical field to sanitize rooms and equipment, and is recognized by the Center for Disease Control for its ability to effectively destroy germs and other biological pollutants. We offer three different brands with technology that revolves around the power and versatility of UV light waves, bringing this technology to residential, business and commercial air purification: Air Oasis, Airpura and Surround Ionizers.

In the case of Airpura and Surround, air is treated with UV light waves, as it passes through the lamp via air currents that are naturally present in the indoor environment and drawn in by the unit's fan. Plus, convection process draws additional air through the unit, above and beyond what is achieved by way of natural air currents and the fan. The purified air is then blown back out with a fan. The UV lamps used in the Air Oasis and Airpura brands we carry offer a much higher concentration of ultraviolet light than even the sun.

Image of light spectrum

The specific wavelength of 254nm is most effective at inactivating harmful contaminates. As an airborne microorganism passes over the UV lamp, the UV light penetrates the organism’s membrane and alters its genetic material (DNA). With altered DNA, the microorganism will no longer be able to reproduce, rendering it microbiologically dead and, therefore, harmless. Due to the short life span of most microorganisms, once they lose the ability to reproduce, the population diminishes rapidly and dramatically.

Because the ultraviolet light is directed only inside the unit, there are no potential harmful side effects. However, the downside of most standard induct UV lamps is that microbials must pass within three to four inches of the lamp -- in the "kill zone" -- and not pass too quickly, before the UV lamp can destory them. For more information about induct UV technology, read Proper Design of a HVAC Bacterial Control System Using UV Technology.

A basic characteristic of ultraviolet lamps is that the larger the UV lamp, the greater the output of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). But larger or longer UV lamps that create ozone can also produce too much ozone. To solve this problem, UV lamp technologies used in the Air Oasis brand uses a proprietary broad spectrum, high efficiency UV bulb (HE/UVTM) to work with a hydrated five-metallic target and PPC-UV bulb coating. The target acts as a catalyst for a hydroxyl reaction of the broad spectrum 100-300 nm HE/UVTM energy with water vapor on the hydrated target.

The results are hydroxyl ions, hydro peroxides, super oxide ions, passive negative ions hydroxides and ozonide ions that migrate into the airspace, killing microbials in the air and on surfaces. The cell creates a very aggressive advanced oxidation atmosphere that has the ability to reduce airborne bacteria, mold and viruses up to 99% also odors and VOC's by up to 97%.

Of the brands we carry that incorporate UltraViolet (UV) light technology, the Air Oasis is by far the most effective, followed by the Airpura UV-600 and P-600 models. Surround Multi-Tech Ionizers have a UV lamp, but are significantly less effective than the Air Oasis or Airpura at killing microbials.

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