Rainbow Vibrance High ORAC Score Antioxidant Supplement
and Concentrated Super Foods for Vibrant Health

Concentration of Green Foods, Red Foods, Blue Foods, Yellow and
Orange Foods High in Antioxidants from Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
and Organic Camu Camu Powder

Eating a broad range of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables is the best approach to better health because each food type offers a unique combination of nutrients that the body uses to function at peak. Red foods are not enough. Blueberry, blackberry, grape, plums, peaches and apricots compare favorably to the widely recommended red fruits cranberry, raspberry, cherry and Camu-camu. But good health does not revolve solely around the strength of anti-oxidants in the diet. Soluble and insoluble fibers, indoles, sulphorohane, flavanols, flavonoids, and complex polysaccharides and carotenoids all play an important part.

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A few of phytonutrients healthful roles include:

  • Vibrant Health Rainbow Vibrance High AntiOxidant SupplementStimulating and regulating immune response at a cellular level
  • Supporting normal hormonal metabolism
  • Helping to protect cellular DNA
  • Shielding cell membranes from damage and degradation
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Supporting clearer vision

A Food Supply Void of Vital Nutrients

In the old days, from Paleolithic times through the dawning of the industrial revolution, our intake of phytonutrients and fibers from plant foods exceeded todays dietary levels by 10 fold. Today, as we strive to achieve personal goals, or to simply earn enough money to support a family, attention to diet is too often unfocused. All too often, our lifestyles contribute to biochemical deprivation of essential bodily functions.

In simple terms, we often do not get enough of the trace nutrition needed to support optimum health. This concept provides the foundation of the entire nutrition supplement industry. Rainbow Vibrance, especially in combination with Green Vibrance and/or Field of Greens, is meant to assure, insure, and ensure nearly full trace nutrition except for vitamin D.

Rainbow Vibrance High ORAC Score, Antioxidant Rich Nutritional Supplement

Rainbow Vibrance combines concentrated nutrition plus exceptionally high antioxidant values expressed as ORAC units from a broad range of specially selected fruit and vegetable powders and extracts. Rainbow Vibrance can be used to expand the nutritional value of any smoothie, protein drink, juice or other nutritional supplement drink. And if you blend a drink of Green Vibrance, with a scoop of Rainbow Vibrance, and sip it outside on a sunny day (with some skin exposed), youll even get the vitamin D you need.

What's in Rainbow Vibrance Antioxidant Supplement?

The following Rainbow Vibrance ingredients were reduced and extracted from two-thirds of a pound of fruits and vegetables, which is equivalent to 4 servings of fruits and vegetables:

Vibrant Health Rainbow Vibrance 2.0 Ingredient List

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