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Physical pain can be caused by many things, including structural problems of the body, muscle strains, torn ligaments, cuts, abrasions, menstrual cramps, malfunctioning organs, infections, inflammation, swelling, emotional stress, etc. When you feel pain, it's a good indicator that something is amiss in your body or soul.

Some pains are temporary, like the monthly cramps that can accompany menstruation or when you cut a finger. And some pains can indicate that something is seriously malfunctioning in the body, in which case you should seek professional advice.

In this section you will find articles about how pain is the body's communication device, pain relief tips, books and videos for natural pain relief and natural pain relief products that may provide pain relief when the pain is in the muscles or from inflammation or toxins or from poor posture, poor supporting chairs and beds or lack of movement. For instance, lower back pain relief and neck pain relief can often be accomplished by sleeping on the right pillow or by having better support when sitting. If pain is caused by inflammation or toxins in the body, by lessening the inflammation and toxins, pain relief is often achieved. Or when muscles have been injured or the body is sluggish, pulsating energy resonance can facilitate faster healing.

All of the pain relief products listed on this page offer natural pain relief that may provide headache pain relief, pain relief in joints and limbs, back or neck pain relief, chronic pain relief, control of menstrual cramps, and improved bone injury relief.

Pain Relief Tip: Sitting for long periods of time stresses your body, especially the back and neck. The longer you sit, the worse it gets. Get up at least once every hour to walk or stretch.

Pain Relief Articles

Pain Relief Tip: Your posture could be straining your muscles. Maintain good posture by refraining from slouching or bending forward when sitting or standing.

Natural Pain Relief Product Summary

Abbey St. Clare St. Luke's Pain Relief Gel

Abbey St. Clare St. Luke's Pain Relief Gel is formulated to relieve soreness and pain resulting from exercise, injury, arthritis, rheumatism or fibromyalgia. Easily absorbed aloe gel contains a cornucopia of essential oils known for relieving pain, including the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. Ravensara, basil, oregano, pine and eucalyptus are part of the eighteen-oil synergy. Peppermint makes the gel feel cool, while ginger and black pepper provide penetrating warmth. Apply several layers for maximum effect. Your skin will feel dry to the touch with no oily residue. Will not stain clothing. more info about St. Luke's Pain Relief Gel

nuve blue packaging imagedpl Nuve Pain - FDA Approved for Mild to Moderate Pain

The dpl Nuve Pain is a handheld infrared LED light therapy device, which is FDA approved for treating mild to moderate pain and for skin rejuvenation. Recommended usage for skin rejuvenation is 3 minutes per area. To treat your whole face would take 15-20 minutes. Extra time can be added for treatment of problem areas. Treatment time for pain applications is 14 minutes, twice a day if needed. For safety, the system will automatically turn off at the end of 25 minutes.

Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) is proven to relieve pain, muscle and joint aches and stiffness in just minutes a day! dpl Nve Pain is the most powerful and cost effective handheld light therapy system on the market.View more info about Nuve for Pain

Himalayan Crystal Bath SaltsHimalayan Crystal Bath Salts

Take your bath to the next level with mineral-rich, rejuvenating Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts available in six luscious recipes. Each 24 oz. jar is made from Himalayan crystal rock salt and 100% pure essential oils and is available in six formulas: Relaxing, Uplifting, Energizing, Mountain Mist, Lavender Hills and Queen of Sheeba.

We also carry therapeutic Himalayan bath salts in three formulas: Muscle and joint, detoxification and cold and flu. more info about Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts

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Acupressure Prickly PadsAcupressure Prickly Pad

The Prickly Pad is an acupressure pad based on ancient science. This acupressure (Reflexo-therapy) applicator is combining Indian and traditional Chinese medicine. Both Eastern medical systems have been proven as healing methods to eliminate many ailments and diseases. The Prickly Pad combines the best of both the ancient Eastern medicine practice of acupressure/acupuncture and Western medicine practice. Both stimulate the body's own unique resources to relieve pain and heal maladies. more info about Acupressure Prickly Pads

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Portable, Instant, Reusable Heat Packs

Portable, Instant, Reusable Heat PacksUnique Stuff Heat Packs are an instant, portable thermal generating device. Take them anywhere because there is nothing to plug in or heat up. Just press a button for an instant hot pack. Unique Stuff Heat Packs are made of a soft, pliable, latex-free plastic that will heat to 130 degrees F in 10-15 seconds. They are safe, nontoxic and environmentally friendly, using FDA Approved Sodium Acetate (food grade) and water. With the push of a button -- NO electricity or batteries required -- Unique Stuff Heat Packs will generate heat that lasts for 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the pack and insulation. Larger packs retain heat longer than smaller packs because of the thermal mass of the pack. more info about Portable, Instand, Reusable Heat Packs

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Snoozer Full Body and Pregnancy PillowsSnoozer Full Body and Pregnancy Pillows

Full Body, Upper Body, Child's Pillow & Pillows for Women and Men. Especially Great for Pregnant Women
SNOOZER Body Pillows are specifically designed to follow the natural motions and positions of the body as it moves throughout the night. This unique, contoured shape cradles the body just like having multiple pillows in one design. In other words, no more pillow herding.

During the various cycles of sleep, your body's muscles, ligaments and spinal column need to be in a non-weight bearing and stress free position in order to recover from the previous days wear and tear. How well you support your body in a neutral position while at rest determines the quality and quantity of sleep you achieve.

Snoozer pillows come in full, upper and kid size. more info about Snoozer Body Pillows

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