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Dangerous Beauty: Cosmetics and Personal Care

Dangerous Beauty is an eye-opening expose of make up safety, revealing some of the most common, yet dangerous, ingredients used in today's cosmetics and make up. This little booklet will arm you with the knowledge to make more informed choices about buying safer beauty products. No longer will you be able to participate in mindless consumerism ... ignorance may once have been bliss, but now it spells danger in our mass-manufactured, profit-driven, long shelf life, chemical-romanced society.

Why do you need this cosmetic product safety information? Because the ingredients in cosmetics and make-up are not subjected to stringent premarket evaluations and processes. Cosmetic and make-up companies are, also, not required to submit any information on the harmful effects of chemicals used in their makeup formulations. Through this system, virtually any make-up product, regardless of safety, can be sold to the public. As consumers, we need to ask ourselves whether the cosmetics and makeup products we and our families use every day are more important to us than our long-term health.

Make Up Safety, Beauty Product Safety, Safety of Cosmetics, Dangerous Beauty book imageThe Chemical Maze Shopping Companion

This book has been produced for those people committed to living a healthy lifestyle. The Chemical Maze book helps you choose safer products and fits conveniently into your pocket or purse. The simple layout makes it simple and easy to use and gives useful information on hundreds of substances, including the animal or genetically modified origins of additives and ingredients. Also, it includes any environmental effects of chemicals found in consumer products. Learn to recognize safe foods, cosmetics and personal-care products, so you can help protect your health, the health of your family and the health of the environment.

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