Nasopure Saline Nose Wash Solution Guide

Nasopure Saline Nose Wash Solution Guide Isotonic and Hypertonic imageThe Nasopure nasal cleanse salt mixture of pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate can make two types of solutions: hypertonic and isotonic.

Isotonic Solution

An isotonic solution has the same concentration of salt as fluids in the body. Although isotonic solutions do not have as many benefits as hypertonic solutions, many people like to begin nasal washing with a milder solution, or use isotonic solutions for frequent cleansings.

Hypertonic Solution

A hypertonic solution has a higher salt concentration than the fluids in the body. Scientific studies have shown a hypertonic solution has several benefits:

  • Thins thick secretions most effectively.
  • Improves the filtering mechanisms of the nose.
  • Removes 80% of allergens, thereby reducing allergy medication need.
  • Shrinks swollen membranes.
  • Regular use reduces the need for antihistamines and antibiotics.
  • Similar to ocean water and is SAFE.
  • Can improve both sense of smell and bad breath.
Bottle Size        
4 oz.
1/2 Swish Stix          
1 Swish Stix                                      
8 oz.
1 Swish Stix
2 Swish Stix

Nasopure Nasal passage cleansing salt mixture is buffered with sodium bicarbonate to balance the acidity of the saline solution for a soothing effect.

Nasopure Nasal Washing System Swish Stix Refill 

Dr. Hana's Nasopure Swish Stix Refill Kit contains 40 Swish Stix of Nasopure nasal wash mixture and detailed instructions. Each Swish Stix packet weighs 3.75 gm. (3/4 tsp) - fine pharmaceutical grade granules of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate with no other additives, perfumes or ingredients. Each stix makes 4 oz. of buffered hypertonic solution or 8 oz. of isotonic (milder) solution.

Washing your nose with Nasopure Nasal cleanser is more effective when done correctly. Please read the detailed, step-by-step instructions and allow three days to perfect the technique, although many feel the results immediately.

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