Perfect Prescription Tooth Brightener

Keep Your Smile Bright With All Natural Tooth Cleaners

Perfect Prescription Tooth Brightener imagePerfect Prescription Tooth Brightener

Perfect Prescription Tooth Brightener keeps your teeth stain-free without harsh detergents or damaging chemicals. Use this tooth cleaner once or twice a week for a beautiful smile.

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How to Use Perfect Prescription Tooth Cleaner

Wet your toothbrush, then scoop a small amount of the powder onto the bristles and brush your teeth. DO NOT BRUSH YOUR GUMS WITH THE TOOTH CLEANER. Rinse 2-3 times with water. To remove stains from your teeth and to keep them bright, use Perfect Prescription Tooth Brightener.

Perfect Prescription Teeth Brightening Ingredients

Perfect Prescription tooth cleaner is made with whole food calcium/magnesium and bicarb of soda.

Size: 1 oz / 28.5 ml

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