Perfect Teeth... From Birth to Death

End Tooth Cavities... and Gum Infection!
Presented by Dr. Gerald Judd

Through his research, Dr. Judd has discovered how to allow everyone to end all tooth cavities and gum infection throughout their entire life. A society armed with this knowledge, coupled with diligent use of it, would destroy dentistry in its present form and usher in a new era of prevention with the objective of having perfect teeth.

Get the companion book, "Good Teeth... From Birth to Death!", Dr. Judd's book,  which makes a compelling case for radical changes in dental care!

You will be surprised at the simplicity of his almost costless procedures which are beyond dentists, doctors, chemists, lawyers, government people, news media and other intelligentsia. You will become an expert on teeth by listening to his lecture, following his suggestions, and reading his handbook, Perfect Teeth... From Birth to Death. Almost all aspects of tooth deterioration and recovery are covered in the book.

After listening to him you will be able to convince anyone of any age through his masterful teaching technique on how to win others to truth in a convincing, non-arrogant, nonjudgmental manner. Part of this truth is how to avoid dentistry and don't believe that the "authorities" always act in YOUR best interests!

It is unfortunate that the California legislators opted to fluoridate their state water in October 1995 despite having excellent scientific studies showing its disastrous consequences, and knowing that over 150 California cities had earlier opted out. In neighboring Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson were fluoridated in 1990 and 1993 due to mayors and councils who failed to read good, opposing data furnished by citizens. It has now been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that fluoride nerve poison put in American drinking water by Human Health Services (with EPA/FDA concurrence) causes increased decayed, missing and filled teeth and numerous side effects in the victims.

Finland, Sweden and Holland, all non-fluoridated, have a better record for a 20-year decay reduction in children, 1965-1985 (98, 82, 72%), than the United States (50%) which is 60% fluoridated. Four studies involving 480,000 children (US, 39,000; Japan, 22,000; India, 400,000; Tucson, 29,000) proved fluoridation causes twice the lifetime decay. Teeth are a shambles in the United States where 17-year-olds average 12 decay spots, 44-year-olds average 30, and 42% of the population over 65 have no natural teeth. Blacks and poverty-stricken people have twice this decay rate and American Indians soar to four times the rate! (J Pub Health Dent, November 1993)

Dr. Judd's Recipe for Perfect Teeth!

  • Take 1000 mg Ca with D.
  • Take 1 tablespoon lecithin to replace P4O3(phosphate).
  • Rinse sugar, soda pop and tart/acid substances off teeth ASAP.
  • Avoid all fluoride products. Avoid current toothpastes. They contain acid, sugar, fluoride, chalk, silica (sand), methyl benzoate, red dye, blue dye, soap, mixing agents and glycerol.
  • Take 4,000 mg vitamin C.
  • Brush teeth with bar soap, digging out food trapped in the gum line.
  • Be careful crunching hard material. Teeth will break.
  • Think about the problem on an individual basis.
  • Study and avoid the unsolved possible contributors to bad teeth.
Just 1ppm fluoridated water can have a devastating effect on society. A summary of the effects of 1 ppm fluoridated water on the population is as follows:
  • Decay doubles due to enzyme destruction and tooth contamination.
  • 41 % more people have eggshell white, off-color and brittle teeth (fluorosis, mottling).
  • 84% more brittle bones are found in the aged.
  • 66 out of 82 enzymes are destroyed, including cytochrome-C which handles oxygen.
  • Cholinesterase (nerve and muscle relaxer) is destroyed at 0.0095 ppm.
  • Ca ADP (calcium adenosine diphosphatase, a tooth-forming enzyme), loses all activity at 0.00038 ppm.
  • Genetic change occurs in the sperm and other cells at 0.2 ppm.
  • Five times the normal heart death occurred in senior citizens in Antigo, Wl. (This 15-year study was made by Isabel Jansen, RN, inventor and internationally recognized researcher.).
  • Down's Syndrome increased 250% in 2 studies of 4 states, by Dr. I. Rapaport, Ph.D.
  • SIDS and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)

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