Sharpening Your Imagination

©  Michele Lauren Hummel

There was a whole lot of imagineering happening right there on the floor, in front of God and Everybody!

Inceptive creation taking place! Oh, there was a mess all right! Stringy, yukky, mooshy stuff was everywhere. Knives and other implements of the operating room were in full use, as were gentle and loving hands. A real birthing of new forms from old, it was. And when they were ready to walk upon the Earth as new beings, light would emanate from deep inside their centers, their very souls perhaps, illuminating for a short while the dark of night with a new perspective.

Say, What was happening on the floor? And, isn't that illegal? No "officials" of any kind present? No doctors nor midwives? No religious representatives? Can you really do this sort of thing in your own home? Give birth? Creative inception. Divine inception. Sexual? Religious?

Comeawn now! We're talking about something radical happening here! Right here! (Maybe on your floor, too!)

And, indeed it was happening many places that night. Visual imagineering at its apex taking place in the annual ritualistic carving of vegetable matter into forms to be inhabited by good spirits to frighten off any evil spirits that may seek to harm the creator/parent on All Hallows Eve.What a wonderful word, "imagineering". To me, it combines the best of what the mystical factor of imagination has to offer with the practical pragmatism of engineering.

Imagineering! What excitement is contained in that word! Vegetable spirit homes or space shuttle cabins all come under the auspices of imagineering.And what of the mystical creation portion of this activity? "Imagination"? Do we really have any idea what it is and where it comes from? "Imagination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny..." go the song lyrics. Some say imagination is divine inspiration flowing into the human mind as ideas not previously conceived nor expected. Further, it is said that the human body can not tell the difference between that which is "real" and that which is "imagined". It has been demonstrated under scientific circumstances that learning done through imagined visualization is as effective and sometimes more so than physical hands-on experience.

During the recent World's Series, there was an ad on the tv that said, in effect, that you can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.Physical eyes perceive through the filters of one's empirical experience.Imagination knows no such limiting horizons. Imagination can take you where you have never gone before. Indeed, it is your only vehicle for such uncharted travel.

Sharpen up your imagining, your imagineering, your visions, your dreams.Bring them into focus. The sharper the focus, the clearer the image, and therefore, the better the picture you create. Your physical eyes can only tell you so much about your reality, and frankly, if your reality doesn't match the visions desired out of your imagination, ignore what your eyes see, and stay focused on that image you want to carve out of your life.Imagination allows you to create your own desired reality, to get you excited about the wanted outcome, and out of vision and passion, bring your desire to fruition. Carved vegetables or space shuttles, nothing happens without imagination.

So, sharpen up the knife of your imagination and carve your pumpkin of new reality and light it from inside with your own creative fire of passion.It can happen right there on your floor, in front of God and Everybody!

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