Thought Provoking Ideas

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  • There are infinite variations in how people see any single event.
  • The way I choose to see an event determines my experience.My experience is determined by the way I see an event.I can choose to see an event in a way that uplifts me or diminishes me.
  • I am who I think I am. I am my own thoughts about myself made manifest.
  • Whatever I focus on expands, giving me more of that which I am focused on.
  • I will always find evidence to support the thoughts I am having.
  • My thoughts, words, feelings and actions set the tone for the circumstances of my life.
  • When I set my own tone, I can be anywhere and with anyone and still live exactly the life I am wanting.
  • True faith comes from knowing that no matter what things look like, all is well and will turn out for the best.
  • Nothing stays the same.All conditions and circumstances are temporary, and how they change depends on the choices I make.
  • Nothing is more important than that the choices I make feel right to me.
  • The greatest gifts I can give myself are to think for myself and to form my own conclusions.
  • Filtering choices through my heart produces experiences that enrich and uplift myself and others.
  • I have an inner self that exists eternally.
  • My inner self is communicating with me all the time and in many ways.If I don't pay attention, then I will miss its messages.
  • Feelings, language of the inner self, operate as a guidance system.
  • There are really only two emotions: one feels good (love-based) and one does not (fear-based).Everything else is a variation on one of those two emotions.
  • Instinct and intuition are natural guidance from my inner self and worth paying attention to.
  • To want something while observing its lack is to push it away from me.
  • What I fear I attract. What I resist persists.
  • Appreciation and feeling bad cannot exist in the same moment.
  • When I do what I love, I love what I do.

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