Attitude Is So Important to One's Life Experience

©  Michele Lauren Hummel

Some mornings, everything lines up to produce an extraordinarily fine experience. Some mornings have sapphire blue skies and soft sun. Some mornings are a kiss of delight with a caress of joy. Some mornings are a song of celebration sung with deepest passionate gratitude. Some mornings are a dance of praise.

Some of my close friends and I have been discussing a matter of philosophical consideration. Given that attitude is so important to one's life experience, what can we do routinely to enhance movement toward a positive outcome in what we are doing. Further, given that there are infinite ways to approach this matter, given that all of them are valid, and given that there is always contrast showing up to let us know what we would prefer to have in our lives, and prefer not to have to experience, then, what can we do to more consistently focus a day into joyous experience.

Several weeks ago, I read mail from a writer-friend of mine, Alyce Pentecost; it was with regard to our group topic of creating more joyous living. She talked about what she had been doing in this regard. I was so taken with her sharing, that with Alyce's permission, I have put forth the following for all our enjoyment. Alyce writes: "I took a simple inventory of what inspires joy to live through me. I decided to write a mission statement to the universe. I shared it with a few friends and they liked it. Some were inspired to write one for themselves. I wrote this on the KISS principal, Keep It Simply Simple which reminds me of a favorite quote: 'Forgive quickly, kiss slowly.'


(a) Laugh as much as possible

(b) Dance as much as possible

(c) Sing as much as possible

(d) Make love as much as possible

(e) Dream as much as possible

(f) Be with/in nature as much as possible

(g) Travel and see as much of this world as possible

(h) Be friends as much as possible

(i) Be childlike as much as possible

(j) Be passionate as much as possible

(k) Smile as much as possible, in every language.

Alyce continues, "I trust the universe to provide all the opportunities to be these expressions of joy on a continuous basis, in no particular order, in the perfect unfoldment of bliss and awe, the evolving of my BEING joy. My joy level has responded beautifully to the above statements."

From the last week of November through the second week in the new year, we are experiencing various high holy days according to our particular altars. Overall, most of these holidays are considered joyful occasions. As we perform whatever rituals we choose in whatever ways considered proper, I want to charge us all with keeping joy a paramount practice. We really can't get It wrong, and love, truly, is all there is.

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