I Trust

By Alyce Pentecost © 9/8/98

  • Do I trust myself enough to be vulnerable to all possibilities?
  • Do I trust myself enough to surrender?
  • Do I trust that being open will not bruise me that my petals will not fall away to reveal a barren husk?
  • Do I trust that my heart will expand producing blossoms and fragrance more beautiful than I imagined?
  • Do I trust that illusions fade when I open my eyes or close them to dream?
  • Do I trust that being who I am in each moment is enough?
  • Do I trust that believing in others does not expose me instead, it opens us both to dreams we have yet to dream?
  • Do I trust that releasing all conditions frees me to soar?
  • Do I trust that if another turns fearful and cannot stand beside me, that all is well?
  • Do I trust that my love is strong enough to sustain me when the well seems dry?
  • Do I trust that the universe loves me immensely with visions of who I am that I don't yet fathom?
  • Do I trust that in surrender comes peace?
  • Do I trust that peace cannot be stolen?
  • Do I trust without explanation that everything in this moment is perfect regardless of my physical eyes perception?
  • Do I trust that my heart is strong and supple and capable?
  • Do I love in the face of not knowing if I am loved in return?
  • Do I trust that much?

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