Another Message from the Big U

© 1991-2012 Carol James

I am your best friend.

I am on your side. I want you to be happy and have all that you desire. I am your fan club and rooting section, and I love watching you grow and learn and accomplish.

I am here to help you in any way you ask. I know what you desire even when you are asking for it in a way that keeps it from you. I wish I could give you everything you ask for, but I can only give you what you consistently resonate with having.

If you would consistently vibrate in harmony with your desire, it would come quickly to you. Sometimes you do, and those are the desires that blossom for you. it's usually those times when everything appears to be moving forward in the way you think it should. But at the first sign of trouble rearing its ugly - problems, interruptions, setbacks or disaster happen, oftentimes you don't. You start having thoughts like, "I knew this would fail!" or worse, you imagine the worst possible outcome and start worrying that it will come to pass and blam! there goes your vibration.

One minute you vibrate in harmony, delight and anticipation of the outcome and the next minute you vibrate with doubt, anxiety, worry or fear. One minute you are saying YES flow this to me and the next minute you say NO, please don't send it to me "that" way. It's like saying, "come here, go away, come here, go away, come here. . ." No wonder you're having trouble manifesting what you want.

This isn't so much a problem for me, because I love you always and in all ways and I am here to serve you. I love being the one who brings you what you ask for. But you keep wondering why you get things that you didn't ask for and why it's not easier to get what you want, and I wasn't sure if you knew that when you alternate your feelings you diffuse your vibration.

I can see that holding your tone is easy in the beginning of a new desire. You are full of "juice" bursting with excitement, anticipation, confidence and faith. That's when vibrating in harmony with what you want is easy, because you have no evidence of failure and you see no obstacles or barriers. You're in that honeymoon phase where you couldn't find a flaw with a microscope - the "in love" phase. In this phase you resonate most with your desire.

And then the minute you get hit with something that appears to contradict, to interfere with, to set you back or to cause a problem, you jump ship. It's like you are humming along, peacefully flowing downstream with life, basking in the deliciousness of your desires, and suddenly an unexpected event occurs that looks like bad news, you immediately assume the worst and kick into anger, fear, worry, anxiety or doubt that all is well, and out the window goes your tone.

If you could sustain that feeling of "being in love" about your desire, no matter what circumstances are thrown your way, or at a minimum repattern your perspective to see a different outcome, which shifts your energy, then you might find more of your desires coming to pass, and much sooner.

That is what you want, isn't it? I am here to serve you in any way I can. Just ask me for anything. I am here for you. The rest is up to you.

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