26 Empowering Thoughts About Personal Experience

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The concept of Transformative Thinking is intended to empower you to be all that you desire to be and to know how to live the life of your dreams. Here are highlights of empowering ideas that are a natural outgrowth of the Personal ExperienceModeland that apply to the skill of Transformative Thinking:

  1. Personal experience is relative to the perspectiveof the observer.
  2. You are the sole creator of your personal experience.
  3. Your point of focusand the thoughtsyou hold as true (your beliefs) determine your personal experience.
  4. You are the only one responsible for your point of focusand your beliefs.
  5. Your thoughts, point of focusand beliefstrigger your emotional response, which affects the level of your personal effectiveness.
  6. You will fully experience what you consider to be true i.e., your experience is determined by what you perceive to be true about your situation.
  7. Your thoughts, beliefsand perspectives are the cause of how you feel, whether or not you realize that fact or believe it to be so.
  8. One persons good experience may be another persons bad experience.
  9. Your personal experienceis transformable as long as you have the desire to change it and the beliefthat you can change it.
  10. If you dont like your life, change it.
  11. Change your focusand you change your experience.
  12. Change your perspectiveand you change your experience.
  13. Change your state of mindand you change your experience.
  14. Life can be fun and enjoyable if you believeit can be so.
  15. The stresses of life can be easily understood and transformed into something more desirable.
  16. Because your bodyresponds to what you think, you can use how your body feels (emotions) as an indicator of how you are directing your thoughts. If your body and emotions feel yucky, most likely it is because you have focused your thoughts on undesirable circumstancesor future outcomes. One way to feel better is to direct your thoughts purposefully toward those things that feel better because when you change the focusof your thoughts, your emotions will follow.
  17. When the conclusionsyou form make you feel bad, remind yourself that you may not have all the facts, and hence you are only seeing a small sliver of the total picture. Use your creativeimagination to see if you can see the situation from a more empowering perspective.
  18. You will find abundant evidenceto support any perspectiveyou hold. So, if you dont like the evidence you are currently finding in your life, why not choose a more empowering perspective and start looking for evidence to support it, so that you can find more productive, happyand healthy things to experience?
  19. Before you jump to conclusionsabout someone or something, take the time to find out if you have perceived the situation accurately. Remember that its always better to ask questions than to make assumptions.
  20. Science is proving that feelinggood and enjoying life promotes good healthand well-being. Find as many ways as you can to enjoy yourself as often as possible.
  21. Whenever you notice yourself living from the outside in seeing yourself as a helpless victimof circumstancesthat are beyond your control acknowledge the possibility that you are the one who sets the tone for what you are experiencing. Ask yourself how you have contributed to your own undesirable situation. What thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, choices, decisions, words and actions led to your current situation? As you find the answers to these questions, you will be well on your way to living life from the inside out, understandingthat you have much more to do with how your life turns out than you previously realized.
  22. Life is like a huge party where all sorts of people are invited and all kinds of conversations and activities are going on. Some of it you like; some of it you dont like. If you want to fully enjoy the party of life, spend your time looking for those people, conversations and activities that you resonate with and ignore the rest, knowing that whatever you pay attention to will expand and become your experience.
  23. When you are in a bad mood, it is easy to focuson all the things that are going wrong and tune out all the things that are going well. Thats why it is so important to do whatever it takes to get yourself in a good mood again. When youre in a good mood, it is easy to focus on everything that is going well and to effectively handle whatever comes along.
  24. When you find yourself focusing on something that you dont want or doesnt feel good, turn yourself around by asking yourself what you do want. If not this, then what? Then focuson that. Theres a world of difference between focusing on the thought, I dont want to argue with my wife anymore, and I want to return my relationship back to a loving place. The former focuses on what you dont want (the problem) and the latter focuses on what is wanted (the solution).
  25. If you have an undesirable circumstance in your life that you are struggling to change, one of the first steps toward transforming it is to understandthe beliefsand perspectives that are holding the undesirable circumstance in place. To uncover those limiting beliefs, ask yourself about the reasons that you have for why things are the way they are.
  26. When you find yourself feelingemotionally upset about anything, remind yourself that experiences, in and of themselves, are not negativeor positive, good or bad, right or wrong. You are the one who gives meaning to the events in your life based on your beliefabout the nature of the experience. To change how youre feeling, change the meaning you are making.

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