I Watched You

(Author Unknown)

I've watched you on your journey
through laughter and through pain,
My eyes were ever watchful
as you've walked through sun and rain.

I've seen you spread your wings
with the promise of the dove,
My heart keeps constant vigil
only through these eyes of love.

Through eyes that see your goodness
through eyes that bring you praise,
Through vision ever ready
to guide you through your days.

I've watched you crossing bridges
I've seen you miss a turn,
But always, through these eyes of love
I knew that you would learn.

My eyes showed disappointment
at times along the way,
But I've realized through these mother's eyes
those judgments do not stay.

If ever you should see that
my eyes are bathed in tears,
Don't be concerned, don't be afraid--
it happens through the years...

For smiling eyes need cleansing
to clear away debris,
'Cause only through these eyes of love
can mothers really see.

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