Teaching Children People Skills

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I love to watch people. They are so fascinating. I like to watch how they walk, hold themselves, talk and relate to other people. I learn from it. One thing I have noticed and learned is about children and teenagers. Have you ever noticed how the young people who relate well to others (not just their peers) but all people, stand out? It is because that is a rare quality. But, it shouldn't be.

We teach our children academic knowledge, cooking and cleaning skills, and safety precautions. What they need above all of that are people skills. They need to know how to relate to other people. Qualities like empathy, understanding, compassion and kindness are not only beneficial to your child, but everyone who comes in contact with them!

When you are with your child or teen, you can impact their hearts. Concentrate on what they feel, touch, hear and know. Use those senses to instruct them in communication skills. Everything else we teach them will fall into it's rightful place.

If you teach your children these skills of the heart, you are giving them foundational tools for life. Take the time to invest in your child's relational skills. The efforts you make on behalf of your son or daughter will be life-changing.

Author Profile: Dionna Sanchez is the Editor/Publisher of Emphasis On Moms; a newsletter focused on encouraging moms as they balance their role in the home as parents, wives and individual women. You can visit Emphasis On Moms at http//www.EmphasisOnMoms.com

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