Worship, Who Needs It?

Arlo R. Hansen

Certainly not God, for what good could worship possibly do for an Infinite Entity who is Omni everything? Make It feel more inclined to grant requests? Hardly, because any act of a finite life form, be it veneration or irreverence, directed toward the Omni everything one, would actually be an act of the Omni-everything One Itself, since by definition, an Infinite Entity encompasses All. How could it then, make Itself more ultimate than it already is?

Yet, worship services are held in thousands of churches, synagogues, temples, shrines, and monasteries, just to name of few of the many types of houses of worship. Since the Omni Everything One cannot benefit from worship, it leaves only the worshipers who may gain from it. What each gains exactly may be as varied as the number engaged in the activity. For some, whatever they gain must not last long, because they repeat the ritual daily.

Seekers of understanding of the mystery of life generally agree that the appearance of separation is illusion. In actually, All is One. One is All. Taken to its final conclusion, I Am all that is. And, that applies to each of us. To accept this, I must conclude that all the “others out there,” are actually me. Likewise, each of you “others,” must come to the same conclusion. At this point, the thought leaps into my mind (as it must in yours since you are me) “how come I am only aware of operating as this single entity with the name of Arlo R. Hansen? If I am everybody and everything, how did my awareness get limited to just little ‘ole me?

Now, while we may intellectually know that we need not strive to become something other than we are, but only need to remember what we are, we do not feel or experience what we are, i.e., being everything. Some claim to have reached that state through meditation or other means. If they have, then the possibility exists for me to do likewise; but just because the possibly exists does not mean that I will do so.

I personally know of only one person who related what that experience is like. She called it “puddling,” inferring that it was like liquidizing and flowing into her surroundings. If you, dear reader, have also experienced being the One, you can testify as to the aptness of her description. However, having once attained the state, she did not remain in it until her departure from this plane. Neither do I know if she could enter this state whenever she pleased just by willing herself there or, however. It seems to me that if getting to this experience is the goal, once attained, the attainee would not want to return to his finite state of limited awareness. Still, being All may be boring after the novelty wears off (if it does). For all I know, it may not. But if it does, that may be the reason Omni-Everything decided to forget what it IS. (Could it do that?)

Much has been said about your higher self and getting in touch with it. I have followed the logical thought of some writing and been amazed at the clarity used in arriving at the One concept, only to be dismayed when the author brought up higher self, listening for that “still, small, voice” (how can it be “still” and still say something, or doesn't “still” mean quiet? and how come it is always SMALL?) using affirmations, giving thanks, prayer, and all the rest. To me, all of this signifies the disappearance of Oneness and the return of separateness.

The Omni-Everything One needs none of this because it is ALL OF THIS. It needs no-thing (nothing) because it is Every-thing (Everything). Ironically, it has taken me seven paragraphs to say to you that since All is Complete there was nothing I needed to say.

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