Bus Stop Miracle

© Maryam

I just got a job and needed child care for my 2 year old daughter and for my 8 year old son when he has half days and days off from school (i.e., Winter vacation.).I was going nuts trying to find the right situation.I finally found a great day care center for my daughter, but they don't take older kids, so I was still left with not knowing where to have my son go on half days and no school days. Things were getting down to the wire.My job was about to start, and so I signed up for day care, and left the details about my son's situation to spirit to work out.Meanwhile, I had asked the universe for the safest, most wonderful, and easiest solution for all three of us.

I had just left the day care center after having signed my daughter up, and while standing at the bus stop, a woman walked up and asked me if I was going to bring my daughter to that day care.I told her yes, and she asked if I wouldn't prefer a babysitter to come to my home.Of course, a nanny type situation would be ideal, but in my area, a nanny can cost $300 a week and up.I can't afford that right now, and I told her I can only pay around $100.While this interaction was going on my mind was chattering away, "you can't possibly consider someone who walks up to you at a bus stop."

Next thing I knew my my guides came in, and said, "Hey, you asked for a miracle; she's standing right in front of you."

I took her number, and followed up later, although with much trepidation.Turns out that she's happy with the money, (for now); and this woman is golden.I couldn't imagine anyone better to take care of my kids.My daughter adores her, and doesn't even cry when I leave for work, (unusual considering I had never before left her for more than two hours - and then only with family members.)

This woman has made all of our lives so much easier.My son can just come home, and someone will be here to care for him on half days and no school days, and I get to go straight to work, rather than going to a day care center first.My job is three blocks away from here, so that means it takes me ten minutes to get there.

This experience has taught me that, even if I'm thinking negatively, if a small part of me is open, the universe, in conjunction with my guides, and my children's guides, can create amazing solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

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