The CuZn LaundryMate has been discontinued because the water pressure into a washing machine is too great and it cracks the water filter casing

Wash your clothes in pure, filtered water. CuZn's LaundryMate Washing Machine Water Filter installs easily between the supply and the intake on your washing machine.

When used with your washing machine, the LaundryMate will dechlorinate your incoming water making your clothes feel softer and last longer. With the chlorine gone, you will be able to use less soap to get your clothes clean in a non-toxic environment. The LaundryMate will also protect your washer from chlorine’s corrosiveness and extend its life.

NOTE: The maximum temperature for the PowerDisk is 130F degrees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shelf life of replacements filters is 9-12 months, so do NOT stock up on these filters.

How to Remove Chlorine and Chloramines?

There is no single media that will effectively remove both chlorine and chloramines. While carbon is one of the most effective ways to remove chlorine, unfortunately, most carbon is not designed for hot water temperatures because the hot water causes the carbon to expand, and when carbon expands it releases contaminants stored in its pores. Also, water above 94 degrees can cause the carbon to be less effective and can shorted its life. Plus, most carbon types are not very effective at removing chloramines.

The types of medias that work great in hot water up to 115 degrees are the following: 

KDF 55 for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals and controlling scale, bacteria and algae. This media is used with CuZn LaundryMate for chlorine.

KDF 85 for removing or reducing chloramines, iron and hydrogen sulfide and water-soluble heavy metals and controlling scale, bacteria and algae. This media is used with CuZn LaundryMate for chloramine.

The CuZn LaundryMate garden water filters utilize the new PowerDisk Patented FilterFoam Technology, designed exclusively by CuZn for dechlorinating applications. The new PowerDisk with its non-woven filter pad will eliminate dirt, sediment, odors and chlorine. The patented FilterFoam PowerDisk is a non-carbon based filtration media that is non-toxic and recyclable. Other features of the CuZn LaundryMate garden water filters for home gardens include:

  • Removes Both Free and Combined Chlorine
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Install, Easy to Open
  • Easy to Change, Easy to Refill
  • Fits Any Standard Outside Hose Faucet
  • Lifetime Warranty on Housing

Uses CuZn's Patented FilterFoam PowerDisk
Non-Carbon Based Filtration Media That's Non-Toxic and Recyclable.

Front, Side & Back of AquaMate Water Filter

Replacement Filter for CuZn LaundryMate Water Filter

The CuZn LaundryMate Water Filter refill uses a PowerDisk, utilizing the new patented FilterFoam Media Technology, with Non-Woven Filter Pad.

Disk Specifications:

  • 1 Year or 15,000 Gallons
  • Flow Rate Is 4-5 gpm
  • Dimensions Are 4 3/4" Tall X 4" Diameter

What's So Special About CuZn Water Systems?

Read more about CuZn's patented KDF FilterFoam and Acid Washed Coconut Shell Carbon Medias

How CuZn Water Filtration Media Works

CuZn Water Filters are made in the U.S.A. and are Duty FREE to Canada.

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