Anti-aging Protocol: 10 Weeks to A Younger You!

Dr Michael Lam, Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician

It's Simple - Do step 1 on week 1; step 1 and 2 on week 2; step 1, 2 and 3 on week 3 and so on.....

  1. Increase your sleep by 10%. You know when you are getting enough rest when you wake up spontaneously without an alarm clock. Sleep deprivation is the number one and most frequently overlook cause of premature aging. It is important to sleep in total darkness. Having enough sleep is an integral part of a comprehensive anti-aging program.
  2. Increase your internal release of growth hormone 20% by strength training of your large muscle groups ( back, chest and thigh) 3 times a week, 15 minutes each time and intensive aerobics exercise 30 minutes a day every day. You can break down your exercises into blocks of 10 minutes each. Addition benefits includes enhanced cardiovascular health, prevention of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis, delay onset of Alzheimher's Disease, wrinkles, menopause and andropause.
  3. Cut down calorie intake by 30%. Eat a modified Mediterranean diet to 70% full with each meal, and take desserts only at lunch. Avoid low fat diets. Your body automatically readjusts itself to a lower rate of metabolism and becomes more efficient in its use of energy as you eat less. You will find more energy after the adjustment period. In addition, growth hormone release is increased with calorie restriction.
  4. Increase your green leafy vegetables intake by 40%. At least 10-15 servings a day. They are high in fibers, minerals, antioxidants and low in calories. They also boost the immune system and prevent cancer, the number one killer. Stay with vegetables that are grown above the ground such as broccoli and tomato and avoid underground vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and yams. 
  5. Reduce your stress by 50%. Stress kills. It elevates blood pressure, risk of heart attack, and cortisol, a pro-aging hormone. The risk of irregular heart beat also goes up substantially. Develop a personal stress release plan like meditation, deep breathing exercises, tai chi, yoga, music appreciation, shopping, or a warm bath.
  6. Increase pure filtered water consumption by 60%. Most of us are dehydrated and not aware. Bottled water is the next best. Avoid tap water. Start the morning with 2 full glasses of warm water to detoxify your body. Limit your anti-aging fluid to water and carry a water bottle around with you during the day. Many are not aware that one of the most common cause of high blood pressure and gastric pain is dehydration.
  7. Reduce fruit juice by 70%. Fruit juice contains little to no fiber. Fructose from the juice increases sugar, triglyceride and contributes to artheroscleroses, sugar intolerance (Syndrome X), and diabetes. Avoid milk, coffee and tea as much as possible.
  8. Reduce trans fat intake by 80%. Trans-fat is commonly found in shortening used to make French fries and commercially prepared fast foods and cookies. It is the number one cause of cardiovascular disease. Stay with monounsaturated fat such as olive oil . Butter is better than margarine. Moderate consumption of saturated fat (30% of diet) from meat or consuming 1 egg a day will not cause a marked increase blood cholesterol level, but taking trans-fat will.
  9. Reduce refined sugar, rice, wheat and corn products by 90%. These are all high glycemic index food. Sugar is a socially acceptable addiction and  the number one cause of degenerative diseases associated with aging, including obesity, diabetes,  cancer and atherosclerosis
  10. Protect your cells against free radicals 100% of the time by taking in optimum amount of age essential supplements far higher than the RDA. Key age essential nutrients include beta-carotene, vitamin C, E, selenium, magnesium, chromium and herbs. Avoid iron.

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