Allimax Allicin Garlic Supplements

picture of bunch of garlic Is All Garlic Created Equal?

When it comes to garlic supplements, the answer is a resounding NO!

Research shows that the key active medicinal constituent in garlic is a powerful plant chemical called allicin.  Allicin is important because of its many properties attributable to allicin that improve the health of the human body.

Not a single garlic supplement available today,
except for Allimax, contains enough allicin to be effective. 

But why?

Garlic oil and powder supplements are produced by distilling fresh garlic, and then diluting it with other substances. This process destroys the majority of allicin in garlic.  Therefore, the supplements rely on the human stomach to convert some of the remaining garlic components into allicin. Although a few garlic powder supplements are able to generate some allicin within the stomach, the amount converted, if any is converted at all, is dependant upon optimal stomach conditions. The process not only is unreliable, it can take several hours, and it also can lead to unwanted garlic odor.

Allimax allicin is made from fresh, raw garlic. Heads of garlic are specifically selected to ensure that they contain significant enzyme activity (allinase enzyme). Garlic heads are split into cloves, which are left unpeeled and then subjected to crushing, filtration and a temperature controlled extraction process designed to produce pure liquid allicin dissolved in water. No chemical solvents are used. The allicin amino acid in fresh garlic is subjected to complete conversion by the allinase enzyme and to ensure a large volume of active allicin is harvested. The volume of allicin produced is directly related to the enzymatic activity.

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AlliMax Stabilized Allicin Garlic Supplements

Allimax Stabilized Allicin 360 Capsules Bottle imageAlliMax Garlic SupplementsAllimax 100% Allicin Capsules

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30 Vegetarian Capsules per Box. Serving size is 1 capsule
Allimax doesn't need to wait to be converted into allicin, because each capsule of Allimax contains an abundance of allicin powder -- 180 milligrams or 360 milligrames. The 180 mg box contains 3 sheets each with 10 blister wrapped capsules. The capsule shell is made of cellulose and is suitable for Vegans and vegetarians. Allimax is free from artificial preservatives and flavors, salt and gluten. Each 180 mg capsule of Allimax is equivalent to 20 to 30 cloves of fresh, crushed garlic without the odor!

Allicin Content of Allimax vs. Other Garlic Supplements

Allimax 180 milligrams of allicin powder
Kwai* 1.8 milligrams*
Garlique* 5.0 milligrams*
Pure Gar* 10.0 milligrams *
Garlimax* 5.5 milligrams*
Garlic Powder* 3.0 milligrams*
Kyolic* No claim

*Note: There is no real allicin in these products. The allicin content listed is based on the product's "potential" to create allicin.  This is a purely theoretical yield of allicin.

Formulator: Peter Josling is Director of The Garlic Information Centre based in Sussex, England. The Centre was established in 1993 to provide an advisory service on garlic's culinary and medicinal benefits, for the medical profession, press and general public. Peter is involved in academic and clinical research projects and writes and publishes extensively about the numerous applications of garlic and good quality garlic supplements. His most recent work has involved the formulation of a new type of supplement using garlic's active agent "allicin" and his most recent published data has shown how to prevent and treat the common cold using an allicin containing supplement.

Peter's double blind placebo controlled study has recently been published in the peer reviewed American journal "Alternatives in Therapy".

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