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In this section you will find articles and resources about allergy and asthma causes, symptoms, conditions and solutions and products to help you breathe easier. Information provided includes dust mites, mold, pet allergy (dog allergy and cat allergy), airborne air pollution, asthma symptoms, allergy symptoms, airborne allergen reports, allergy relief products and allergy relief remedies.

Suffering from Allergy and Asthma Problems?

If you have unexplained headaches, dizziness, irritability, sinus problems, depression, fatigue or breathing problems, you may not realize it, but your health problems could be caused from indoor air pollution. According to the World Health Organization, 40% of all buildings pose a serious health hazard due to indoor air pollution.

A Few Sources of Airborne Contaminants

Over 350 different pollutants and contaminants have been identified, including cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke, germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and fungi, pollen, dead skin, house dust and dust mites, odors from smoke, pets, mold, mildew, exhaust fumes, food, body sweat, etc., chemical fumes from cleaning products, solvents, furnishings, clothing and construction.

Viruses (singular: virus) are the smallest and simplest microbes, just a ball of genes wrapped in a shell - about a millionth of an inch across. No one knows how long they've been on Earth or how they evolved. They reproduce by injecting their genes into a cell to produce thousands of new viruses.


Bacteria (singular: bacterium) are much larger than viruses - about 125,000th of an inch long. If a virus were human-sized, a bacterium would be about as big as the Stature of Liberty. These one-celled bodies either make their own food through chemical processes or feed on live hosts or dead matter. Bacteria have existed on Earth for more than 3.5 billion years.


(singular: protozoan) are a group of one-celled predators and parasites similar to bacteria but about 1,000 times larger. Examples include amoebae and paramecia. Protozoa made their debut on Earth more than 1.8 billion years ago.

(singular: fungus) In nature, fungi are decomposers. They break down matter into nutrients and minerals that plants and animals reuse. Of the 100,000 known species of fungus, familiar examples include mushrooms, yeast, mold and mildew.
Molds: Many species of molds that develop on organic materials such as fruits, grain, compost and wood can produce allergens and/or toxins that can produce respiratory disease. The main route of entry is through respiration of dust particles contaminated with the fungi or its spores. Various strains of molds have been implicated in being causative agents in asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and pulmonary mycosis. Mold
Dust Mites: Allergy to house dust mites is a leading cause of winter asthma, especially from the droppings, which can trigger asthma in sensitized people. Dust mites live in bedding, carpets, stuffed furniture, old clothing and stuffed toys. They feed on human skin shedding. Dust mites are most common in humid climates and don't survive when the humidity is below 50%. If droppings of dust mites are inhaled or come in contact with the skin, they may cause asthma and/or eczema symptoms. Dustmite
Second-Hand Smoke: It has been well documented that secondhand smoke is hazardous to people who breathe the smoke given off by the burning end of a cigarette, pipe or cigar, and smoke exhaled from the lungs of smokers. Secondhand smoke contains more than 4,000 substances, more than 40 of which are known to cause cancer in humans or animals and many of which are strong irritants. Smoking man

The effects of breathing these pollutants include dizziness, irritability, coughing, sneezing, dry eyes, hay fever, allergies, asthma symptoms, sinus problems, ear infections, depression, fatigue, headaches, nausea, breathing problems, respiratory infections, etc. It's no wonder why indoor air pollution has become the greatest environmental health problem.


Allergy, Asthma and Air Quality Issues

Asthma and Allergy

Child Asthma

Dust Mites

Mold Allergy

Pet Allergy (Dog Allergy & Cat Allergy)

For additional information, see our sections on Air Purification and Air Purifiers.

Health Devices and Air Purification Solutions

To solve your air pollution problems, we have a large selection of health devices and air purification products to help you breathe easier:

Keep Your Nose and Sinuses Clean

Nasopure Nose Washing, Nasal Irrigation and Sinus CleanerNasopure Nose Washing, Nasal Irrigation and Sinus Cleaner

Dr. Hana's Nasopure Nasal Wash System transforms the ancient technique of nasal irrigation into the most effective, convenient and inexpensive nose washing system available today. It quickly and safely washes away pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses AND MUCUS the primary causes of nasal and sinus allergies, infection and discomfort, leading to improved sinus health and sickness prevention. Washing your nose has never been easier. more info

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Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt InhalerHimalayan Crystal Rock Salt Inhaler

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is made from high quality ceramic filled with original himalayan salt crystals. Its salty microclimate calms and cleanses the cells of the respiratory system. When using the Himalayan salt inhaler, the moisture of the passing air absorbs the micron sized particles of the salt, then penetrates into the respiratory system to achieve the beneficial effects. The sodium content of the active ingredients induces natural self cleansing mechanisms that flush away the impurities from the surface of the cells. Salt particles also mechanically clean the air passages. more info

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Eliminate Offensive Odors

Odor Absorbing Environmental Air Sponge

Odor Eating Environmental Air Sponges and SpraysOur senses are bombarded by offensive odors from a variety of sources, like body odors, pet odors, food odors, smoke odors and musty odors. Our initial reaction to odors is the irritation to our sense of smell. The more important problem is the damage odor contaminants may do to our respiratory system. Breathing air contaminants causes 100% of all respiratory diseases.

The Environmental Odor Absorber Air Sponge is an environmentally safe product that eliminates virtually all odors, even tough, smelly, lingering odors, from the indoor air in your home, office, car, RV or boat, as well as lingering effects in clothing, curtains, drapes, carpets and upholstery. more info

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Remove Airborne Pollution

No one air purifier technology can get rid of all types of pollution, which is why we carry several different brands. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses. For help determining which brand is best for your situation, visit our air purifier section, give us a call toll free at 866-875-4386 or send an email.

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