About Cindy Duehring
Researcher, Activist and Pesticide Victim

Cindy Duehring, 36, internationally known researcher, activist, and pesticide victim, died at her home in Epping, ND, on June 29, 1999, from injuries and complications sustained from severe pesticide poisoning in 1985.

Over the years, Cindy received numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) health issues. Cindys achievements culminated in her winning the Right Livelihood Award in 1997. (The RLA is considered the alternative Nobel Prize.) At that time, Dr. Gunnar Heuser wrote, As her physical boundaries and freedom of movement have narrowed the limits of her living, her spirit has taken wings and expanded across the nation and beyond. She has become a resource for interested professionals as well as for the chemically injured and patients with MCS throughout the world.

Her work continues through the Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN), which she founded in 1990 with Cynthia Wilson as a way to deal with her chemical poisoning. CIIN is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, non-profit, support and advocacy organization run by the chemically injured primarily for the benefit of the chemically injured. It focuses on education, credible research into Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), and the empowerment of the chemically injured. CIIN publishes the monthly newsletter Our Toxic Times, and its readership has reached over 5,000 members in 35 countries.

Cindy Duehring and Cynthia Wilson, CIINs executive director, were commissioned in 1994 by the Chemical Impact Project to write a white paper on the health problems posed by chemicals. The 65-page report, The Human Consequences of the Chemical Problem, was presented to Vice-President Al Gore, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of the National Institutes of Health Donna Shalala, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC had the paper peer reviewed and found it to have merit, and a conference was convened to discuss the health issues raised by the paper. The ATSDR called it powerful and well researched. The Special Assistant to the President requested extra copies to distribute, and Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT), requested an extra copy to present to the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources.

We are please to provide this Toxic Carpets, a 5-Part Series by Cindy Duehring

  1. EPA Stalls and Industry Hedges while Consumers Remain At Risk
  2. Carpet Installers Speak Out as the Medical Evidence Mounts
  3. New Carpet Label Receives Mixed Reviews
  4. Physicians Speak Up As Medical Evidence Mounts
  5. Industry Strategizing Memorandum Comes to Light

More information about Cindy Duehring's work can be found at:

Chemical Injury Information Network

P.O. Box 301
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645
406.547.2255 Voice
406.547.2455 Fax

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