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 VioLight Is a Top 100 Product for 2006 in Dentistry Today

Your toothbrush cleans your teeth, but what cleans your toothbrush? A single toothbrush can harbor millions of microorganisms, which translates into harmful bacteria that thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom. VioLight stops these microorganisms dead in their track.

Independent studies prove that the patent-pending VioLight system eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria that thrive on your toothbrush. That's millions of microscopic bugs that can cause flu, colds and other illnesses, zapped in minutes!

"The most serious threat to your everyday health may be hanging in plain sight in your bathroom." -- USA Today Health Review for April 27, 2000

How Many Germs Are Living on Your Toothbrush?

Researchers have found more than 10,000,000 bacteria living on a single toothbrush. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that can survive on toothbrushes. Viruses that cause colds, flu, and fever blisters can survive for many days on toothbrushes.

Influenza (the flu) virus, herpes simplex I, streptococci, staphylococci, yeasts, and the bacteria that cause gum disease, cavities, and even diarrhea illness can survive --some even thrive-- in high numbers on toothbrushes.

Because most people keep their toothbrushes in the bathroom, bacteria from the mouth isn't the only contaminant. Flushing a toilet propels germs from the toilet into the air, where they can land on toothbrushes. Toothbrushes are usually stored together, so contact between family members' toothbrushes can spread germs from one brush to another.

Bacteria, molds, and fungi love moist environments, like the bathroom. They also do well in the dark, so the medicine cabinet provides an ideal environment for germs to survive and even multiply.

Toothbrushes become infected some time between one week and one month after initial use. The ADA and most dentists recommend changing toothbrushes only every three to four months. Yet many people change their toothbrushes only once or twice a year.

"Even after being rinsed visibly clean, toothbrushes can remain contaminated with potentially pathogenic organisms." -- The Center for Disease Control

What is the Solution for Toothbrush Sterilization and Storage?

Violight Toothbrush SanitizersNumerous studies have shown ultraviolet (UV) light to be effective in killing germs on toothbrushes, including bacteria, yeasts and viruses. A study performed on the VioLight Toothbrush Sanitizer by Dr. Philip Tierno, Jr., PhD, Director Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, Associate Professor, Departments of Microbiology and Pathology, New York University Medical Center, found that the VioLight eliminated up to 99.9% of bacteria tested on toothbrushes. Another study by Bureau Veritas, a global independent testing laboratory, also found that the VioLight Toothbrush Sanitizer eliminated up to 99.9% of germs tested on toothbrushes.

VioLight Toothbrush Sanitizers Are Small, Sleek and Packed With Power

VioLight is the first toothbrush sanitization system made to look like it belongs in your home, not a laboratory. VioLight promises to fit in with any bathroom decor. Small and sleek, VioLight is the size of an average cup or toothbrush holder. And, since it doubles as a sanitizer and holder, it will not take up any extra space in your bathroom.

VioLight Named One of Time Magazine's Coolest Inventions for 2004

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VioLight Mouth Care ProductS

Zebra Violight Portable Sonic ToothbrushSilver Violight Portable Sonic ToothbrushPurple Violight Portable Sonic ToothbrushPython Violight Portable Sonic ToothbrushBlack Violight Portable Sonic ToothbrushNEW VioLight Travel Slim Sonic ToothbrushesVioLight Travel Slim Sonic Toothbrushes

With 22,000 brushstrokes per minute and a choice of bright colors and patterns, you'll look and feel fabulous every time you use your Slim Sonic portable toothbrush. Its mascara-style vented cap means you can grab it from your handbag, backpack, or pocket to brush up anytime, anywhere.

Violight's Slim Sonic travel toothbrush is the first electric, portable toothbrush with a vented mascara-style cap. Now you can smile in style wherever you are; at the office, after lunch or before your special night out! With the Slim Sonic, you have your pick of five stylish designs in a compact case that’s perfect for at home, in the office or on the go. Available in black, purple, python (shown in picture), silver and zebra. Read more info about Slim Sonic Toothbrushes

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VioLight Toothbrush Sanitizer Family-Sized Countertop Model image

VioLight Family-Sized Toothbrush Sanitizer

A single toothbrush can harbor millions of microorganisms, which translate into harmful germs and bacteria germs and bacteria that thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom. VioLight stops these germs and bacteria dead in their tracks.

The family-sized model accommodates four toothbrushes, and has adapters for electric brush heads. Read more about VioLight Family-Sized Toothbrush Sanitizer

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VVioLight Zapi Personal Toothbrush Sanitizer imageioLight Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer

With the Zapi Personal Toothbrush Sanitizer, you will be able to reduce your exposure to harmful germs and bacteria in just minutes! The Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizers germicidal ultraviolet light eliminates up to 99% of the germs it comes VioLight ZapiPOP Hi-Ya Ninja Personal Toothbrush SanitizerVioLight ZapiPOP Za-Za Clown Personal Toothbrush Sanitizerinto contact with on your toothbrush. Just brush, rinse, and insert your toothbrush into the Zapi. Press the button and sanitizingbegins automatically. Best of all, your toothbrush is stored in an protected, sanitized environment ready for the next time you brush. Available in blue, green, orange, pink, purple and white. Read more about VioLight Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizers

Kid-Friendly ZapiPOP Personal Toothbrush Sanitizers

New Kid-Friendly ZapiPOPs make great gifts. Zapi kids are available in Hi Ya Ninja and Za Za Clown

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VioLight iZap Travel Toothbrush SanitizerVioLight iZap Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

The newest line of portable toothbrush sanitizers use VioLight's famous UV technology to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your toothbrush. Just close the lid and the VioLight iZap toothbrush sanitizer automatically goes to work. Use the iZap with your favorite electric head or manual toothbrush, or use the free toothbrush included. Available in clear and orange. Read more about VioLight iZap Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

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VioLight Takes Gold in the 2005 Business Week
Industrial Design Excellence Award

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