Venmar EKO 1.5 Ultra Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator
with HomeshieldTM Defrosting System

A New Generation of High Performance
Environmentally-Friendly Venmar Air Exchangers

Venmar EKO 1.5 High Performance Environmentally-Friends Heat Recovery Ventilator imageThe ERV EKO 1.5 has been designed to be one of the most energy-efficient ERV air exchangers available on the market. Its innovative design incorporates high performance ECM* motors which consume significantly less electricity. ERVs are ideal for LEED-certified residential projects and other energy-efficient homes because they recover the heat or coolness of the indoor air while helping to maintain comfortable moisture levels inside the home.

Moreover, its core absorbs both heat and moisture from the air streams passing through it (without mixing). In the summer, the heat and humidity of the outdoor fresh air is transferred to the exhaust air stream, meaning your home stays cooler inside. In the winter, the opposite is true. Ideal for small to mid-sized homes*, this balanced system offers superior indoor air quality.

  • Compact footprint allows an easy fit in restricted spaces
  • No drain required**
  • State-of-the-art ECM motors provide significant electrical consumption savings
  • 6" metal ports located on top of unit to simplify installation and provide a cleaner appearance
  • Integrated pressure taps and balancing dampers to quickly measure and balance the air-flow
  • Faster and easier installation of insulated flexible ducts with practical straps
  • Homeshield defrosting system (no negative pressure)

* Electronically Commutated Motor
** For most climate zones

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Homeshield Defrosting System

The AVS ERV EKO 1.5 uses a unique defrosting method. No negative pressure is created by air exhausted to the outside, as the air is recirculated into the house, thus avoiding any back draft from the chimney. Moreover, this defrost method by air circulation ensures that no shortage of air is created for the combustion units.

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