Who Am I?

Michele Lauren Hummel

I am a maker of music.
I am a dreamer of dreams.
I am the rhythm of your own heartbeat.
I am the face you see in your mirror.

I am a traveler between worlds; I live in many universes.
I am your fantasy. I am your lover.
I am your adventure. I am your sanctuary.
I am your night-wind dancer.

I am an ordinary housewife living on your street.

I am all you call beautiful.
I am all you call powerful.
I am all you term wonderful.
I am all you name in kindness.

I am every woman Papa Heinlein ever wrote about.

I am in your tears of joy.
I am in your cries of sorrow.
I am in your laughter.
I am in your madness.

I am an artist's model.

I am the whiteheat of the brushfire.
I am the quiet of the twilight mist.
I am the sigh of summerbreeze curtains.
I am the scream of your release.

I am a clerical worker in a small business.

I am that unseen caress that finds you in solitude.
I am your tender ministry.
I am your light.
I am your comfort.

You see me when you forget to look.
You feel me when you open your mind and let me in.
You hear me when your ears are deaf.
You know me when you call Love's union.

I watch Monday Night Football.

I am wisdom. I am naivete.
I am curiosity. I am stasis.
I am your playmate. I am your teacher.
I am your companion. I am your blood-sister.
I am your deepest desire.

I am the drumbeat in your body.
I am the sweet melody of your imagination.
I am the chords in your passion.
I am the harmony in your soul.
I am the one who loves you as very life itself.

I am extraordinary!

I am you!

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