Open My Eyes & Let Me See

©  Denise Jankas

Let me see.
Open my eyes and guide me carefully
Through the mazes of my heart
To the place where truth lies
And there is light . . .
Let me see.

I know it’s there.
I’ve just been disconnected from the path
That will take me there.
And I’m tired of running circles
To nowhere.
I need to feel the care . . . and share.

My soul has always known what I forgot.
I’m going to the door now,
Please hear me knock.
Open up
The pupil seeks the master
To show her how.
Remind me how.

Then . . . I see so clearly what I blocked!
The light has always been there,
It was me that sent up clouds,
Obscured the view . . .
Now I see it all brand new!!!
Can you see it too?

All is well, sweet one
All is well!
I heard the voice tell me
All is well!

Keep your dreams alive!
Have no doubts inside!
And just believe!
Have faith, Believe!
It’s just that easy.

Keep life fun.
You never get it wrong
and you never get it done.
All paths you take will lead you to the One
You can’t get lost . . .
Even if you run!!!

So now the light
Shines in all the crevices of me.
I opened up the shades to see
The beauty that is me.
Allowing the beauty that is you . . . too.
For what is me is you
And there’s the truth.

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