SNOOZER Upper Body Pillow

Pillows That Work Great for Stomach and Side Sleepers

Sleeping on side with Snoozer Upper Body pillowAre you looking for extra support for aching muscles, recovering from an injury, pregnant or simply a pillow connoisseur?

Whether you are a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, SNOOZER Upper Body Pillows can satisfy your needs.

This incredible invention is unlike any other body pillow. Its patented candy-cane shape gives your body full mobility and support all night long. Its contoured shape cradles your upper body while one end of the loop supports your head, neck and shoulders the other end supports your chest, stomach and back without ever shifting.

You can literally "snuggle" into the SNOOZER
Upper Body Pillow to give you that extra
support where you need it most. 

Can your pillow do this?

The SNOOZER Upper Body Pillow provides the comfort of two pillows in one contoured design. This unique shape provides luxurious support for the upper body. It is specifically designed to promote proper upper-body alignment as you move from one sleeping position to another. This targeted support helps to eliminate nightly tension and improve your muscular relaxation, blood flow and sustained deep sleep.

Recommended by doctors to enhance muscular relaxation,
promote healthier circulation and allow you a night of quality rest. >

SNOOZER Upper Body Pillows

Great for Anyone Needing a Good Night Sleep or Pain Relief
This patented design works to eliminate head and neck pain as it immediately adjusts to your various favorite sleeping positions during the night without effort on your part. And to make it even more inviting, it comes with a luxuriously soft, 100% Sateen, white cotton pillowcase. 

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Cuddling with Snoozer Upper Body pillow Sleeping on side with Snoozer Upper Body pillow Sleeping on stomach with Snoozer Upper Body pillow Sleeping on back with Snoozer Upper Body pillow

With all SNOOZER Body Pillows, you can move from one position to another and you are always cradled in comfort. Our unique design follows the movements and positions of the body and provides consistent support.

The SNOOZER Upper Body Pillow:

  • Is half the price of the wraparound "U" pillows that take up the entire bed.
  • Does not lock you into only one position during the night like the "C" shaped pillows.
  • Promotes the effortless body movements that you naturally need during the night. 

Sleeping on side with Snoozer Upper Body pillowThe comfy SNOOZER Upper Body Pillow is 36" long and 14" wide, and you're guaranteed to never want to sleep without it again. Of the various benefits this Upper Body Pillow has to offer, here are a few:

  • Designed to Improve Sleep Quality
  • Cradles the body evenly in the four basic sleep positions
  • Enhances muscular relaxation
  • Promotes healthier circulation
  • Reduces head, neck, and back strain
  • Promotes proper spinal alignment
  • Minimizes pillow repositioning throughout the night
  • Provides the support of two pillows in one
  • 100% Hypoallergenic

SNOOZER Upper Body Pillows are ideal for:

  • The elderly
  • Single people
  • College students
  • Athletes
  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation

SNOOZER Upper Body Pillows are Doctor Recommended

  • Provides the support of two-pillows-in-one patented ergonomic design.
  • Unique shape follows the natural motions and positions of your body.
  • Every pillow includes one luxurious, 100% Sateen, white cotton pillowcase (removable).
  • Machine Washable except Goose Down).
  • Two year guaranty for sewing craftsmanship and manufacturer defects.

Snoozer Body Pillows are made in the U.S.A. and are duty FREE to Canada (we ship via the Post Office to Canada).

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