Macro and Trace Minerals for Health

Minerals are inorganic elements that come from the soil and water and are absorbed by plants or eaten by animals. A wide range of minerals is essential for human health.

Your body needs larger amounts of some minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Other minerals like chromium, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc are called trace minerals because you only need very small amounts of them each day, yet they have been identified to have important, if not essential, roles in maintaining health.

There is evidence that the need for mineral intake is not being met, especially in certain subpopulations. It is difficult for most individuals to ingest enough calcium from foods available in a cereal-based economy without liberal consumption of dairy products. Thus, supplementation with minerals is recommended to complement dietary intake and avoid deficiencies.

Not All Mineral Supplements Are Created Equal

Mineral supplements are associated with different absorptive capacities. The absorption of minerals depends on a number of physiological, biochemical and hormonal characteristics of the body and the form of the mineral consumed. Potential mineral sources are not all alike and should be evaluated for bioavailability.

Factors That Enhance Mineral Absorption: Factors that enhance mineral absorption include the form of the mineral ingested, maintenance of chemical stability, presence of a specific transporter, small particle size, solubility, ascorbic acid, and low intestinal motility.

Factors The Inhibit Mineral Absorption: Factors that inhibit absorption include oxalic acid, phytic acid, (5) fiber(6), sodium, tannins(7), caffeine, protein, fat, antacids, rapid transit time, malabsorption syndromes, precipitation by alkalinization, other minerals(8), hormones and nutritional status(9).

Colloidal minerals exhibit properties that enhance absorption. Principles of biochemistry support the view that colloidal minerals may be more bioavailable than minerals in solid supplement or food forms. However, the vast majority of colloidal mineral supplements on the market today consist of metallic mineral colloids. Some manufactures contend that the small size makes it possible for the colloidal mineral to pass through the membrane of a cell wall. While this may be the case, the metal is still a metal mineral which has not been chelated. Hence, colloidal minerals are not organic and are not bio-available. In our view non-chelated colloidal minerals are not as safe as the naturally chelated minerals found in MorningStar mineral supplements. This is because colloidal minerals are metals and may remain in the body until a potentially harmful concentration has been reached.

Mineral Wheel of Balance Between Macro and Micro Minerals What Are Health Benefits of Minerals?

Some minerals are so essential that our body suffers without them. For example, calcium is needed so that you can grow as tall as you were meant to grow, to keep your bones and teeth strong, and to keep your muscles and nerves working smoothly. Phosphorus acts with calcium to give bones and teeth strength and hardness. Iron is needed for the red blood cells to carry oxygen. Zinc is needed for the normal growth and repair of your body's cells.

A number of diseases are associated with mineral deficiencies or impaired metabolism of minerals. Supplementation with minerals has improved the nutritional status and lowered disease risk and progression factors among patients with various disorders. However, it is important to note that there is a natural synergy to the minerals in your body, each working in concert with other minerals to maintain a healthful balance in your body. An excess of one mineral depletes or diminishes the effectiveness of other minerals. (See the mineral wheel image to the right.) The ideal is to find the perfect balance, which is easiest to achieve when taking supplements that are food based, which already contains nature's perfect balance of minerals. For instance, some excellent sources of calcium include coral calcium, which is a whole organism that contains all the minerals in a form similar to our skeletal system, and Hydrilla, a seaweed rich in calcium and other minerals.

Powder and Liquid Mineral Rich Supplement Overview

Derma Boost Fulvic Acid Minerals Skin Rejuvenator imageMorningStar Derma Boost Liquid Mineral Skin Rejuvenator

Derma Boost Skin Rejuvenator is an organic, all natural spay-on skin conditioner and restorer. It is formulated from naturally occurring Humic Acid (100%), Fulvic Acid and Colloidal Silver in purified water.

Fulvic Acid is a key active ingredient in Derma Boost. Fulvic Acid is a key component in proper cellular metabolism, helping skin cells to more efficiently take in nutrients and expel metabolic wastes and environmental pollutants. Fulvic Acid carries over seventy essential minerals and important amino acids. more info

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MorningStar Energy Boost 70 imageMorningStar Energy Boost 70 Liquid Minerals

Energy Boost 70 liquid contains the most easily digestible and bioavailable organic mineral complexes and amino acids available. Energy Boost 70 is pure extracted Fulvic Acid from humate, which has been referred to as a "fountain of youth" because of its role in plant and animal nutrition. Energy Boost 70's fulvic acid mineral complexes are the world's finest electrolyte, which improves energy function, increases assimilation, stimulates metabolism, restores electrochemical balance, enhances nutrients, and helps the body to balance blood pressure and support the immune system. more info

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MorningStar Immune Boost 77 imageMorningStar Immune Boost 77

Immune Boost 77 capsules are a full mineral and amino acids supplement. Created from ancient organic plant matter, this supplement represents the best the earth has to offer in a totally natural organic dietary supplement. Immune Boost 77 offers a rich source of bioavailable: fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, micro & macro mineral nutrients. more info

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MorningStar Vitaligh Boost HA Liquid MineralsMorningStar Vitality Boost HA Liquid Minerals

Vitality Boost HA is a rich source of bio-available Fulvic Acid (FA), Humic Acid (HA), micro and macro minerals nutrients. The Fulvic and Humic Acids are organic compounds that act as organic minerals carriers and detoxifiers. Research results suggest that Humic and Fulvic Acid complexes enhance minerals and trace element uptake, supporting the maintenance of mineral and trace element balances without harmful buildup in the bodys cells. more info

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Mineral Rich Okinawa TrueBlue Coral CalciumOkinawa TrueBlue Coral Calcium

There are two sources of Okinawa coral calcium, above-sea coral calcium and below-sea coral calcium. Below-sea coral calcium is vacuumed from the ocean floor near the delicate coral reefs. Above-sea coral calcium is coral that lived under water hundreds of years ago and then has been naturally deposited on the islands of Okinawa. The coral is preserved under layers of soil until mined to create above-sea coral calcium products without harming the environment. True Blue Coral Calcium is harvested from above-sea coral. more info

Laboratory analysis of the two kinds of Okinawa corals show that each variety have similar mineral content. Above-sea coral calcium tends to have a little higher percentage of Calcium - 35 to 38% while the below-sea coral has 20 - 24% calcium.

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Mineral Rich Brazil Live Coral CalciumBrazil Coral Calcium

There is a different category of coral calcium that is not from Okinawa. This coral calcium is harvested live as it washes up on the beaches of Northern Brazil. The certificates of analysis on this product show it has more than 24 times the trace mineral content of Okinawan coral calcium. Brazilian coral calcium is cold processed therefore retaining more of the marine nutrients, proteins, amino acids and phytonutrients. more info

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Super Natural Green Calcium SupplementGreen Calcium (Hydrilla Verticillata)

Rich in Vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B5, B6, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Zinc
Green Calcium (Hydrilla Verticillata) is a rooted fresh water plant that grows abundantly in lakes and streams of Florida. It possesses astonishingly high values of calcium, iron and vitamin B-12, nutrients often dangerously low in pure vegetarian (vegan) diets. Green Calcium made from Hydrilla has about three times more beta-carotene than chlorella and is rich in most B-vitamins too. more info

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Green Vibrance Mineral Rich Probiotic Super FoodGreen Vibrance Probiotic SuperFood

Green Vibrance Supplement uses specially selected certified organic, wild harvested and wild crafted concentrated foods to support and improve the basic four bodily functions essential to life. Five organic cereal grass juices alone deliver virtually all known nutrients and several growth factors that cause the young to grow larger and stronger. Alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts, carrot, spinach, parsley, zucchini, green bean, spirulina, chlorella, stabilized rice bran and Hydrilla verticillata enrich nutrient density and diversity of Green Vibrance Supplement. more info

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Miessence InLiven Certified Organic Probiotic Super Food

MiVitality Certified Organic In-Liven Probiotic SuperFood imageThis blend contains significant enzymes, 20 vital amino acids and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients from 26 carefully selected living whole foods from 100% certified organic sources that are rich in phyto-nutrients. Plus, In-Liven's ingredients are predigested with 13 probiotics (friendly bacteria) extracted from fruits, vegetables and grains (not fecal matter), increasing In-Liven's potency by 500%. With 15,000 phyto nutrients, In-Liven saturates the body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health. Probiotic In-Liven helps re-colonise the intestinal flora and helps restore proper intestinal balance. It helps to eliminate 'unfriendly' bacteria and counteracts medical and food chain antibiotic damage while supporting the body to enhance immune function. And In-Liven optimizes nutrient absorption and assimilation while also helping guard against 'nutrient starvation'. more info

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