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Purchasing Questions

What factors should I look for when purchasing an air purifier?

When you purchase an air purifier, the most important things to consider are what the machine can remove from the air and how it removes it. Look at the particulate size the machine is capable of removing, square-footage coverage, cost per square foot purified, cost of replacement parts and how often they need to be replaced, electricity cost, noise generated, warranty, physical size, money-back guarantee. We're confident that Air Oasis is the most technologically-advanced, affordable air cleaning unit on the market today with a generous 3-year warranty in the industry. Air Oasis air purifiers consistently out-perform other air cleaners in all of these categories.

I see units in my local department store that are much less expensive than any of these. What's the difference?

The key to making a wise decision regarding which unit to purchase lies in knowing what you're buying and what it can do. Educating yourself about the difference among technologies (compare technologies) and among different brands (compare Air Oasis to other brands) will enable you to see advantages and disadvantages a little more clearly. The units you see in department stores are usually filtration systems and do not use advanced air purification technology, simply because most shoppers just don't know that technology like Air Oasis's exists or how it works. Another big difference lies in the quality of the materials used. The majority of air purifiers are made in China out of cheap plastic and parts. Air Oasis is made in the USA with high quality materials (read more). Myths about ozone also contribute to misunderstandings about the safety of ozonating air purifiers. Here are some main points to consider:

  • Air filtration is not air purification. Even the very best air filters (HEPA, etc.) cannot remove small particulate matter from the air and are ineffective against mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and odors. While carbon can remove chemicals and odors, it's not very effective with particulate. And, air isn't that smart - it doesn't know you want it to go through your filter. So you need a method that actually seeks out odors and contaminants and destroys them.

  • Ozone is an extremely safe and effective method of air cleaning when used intelligently and appropriately. Medical facilities and industrial "clean rooms" have used ozone to sterilize air for decades. The key is ensuring your air cleaner keeps ozone levels below .05 ppm, the Federal guideline for safe ozone levels. Air Oasis takes its technology even further, ensuring that no ozone can be measured in the ambient air (except their commercial grade models). In fact, in most Air Oasis units the amount of ozone is the same as your hair dryer. Air Oasis's proprietary purification technology does not require the higher levels of ozone that other units require.

Air Oasis's patented technology employs many different methods of purifying your air to ensure that it is as clean, pure and healthy as possible. Other air filtration systems offer only one or, at best, 2 or 3 different ways to clean your air. But no other product on the market can purify the air as completely as Air Oasis, nor guarantee complete ozone safety. (read Technology Comparisons).

How will the unit work with the other filtration or air cleaning devices I already use?

It will work great. The different units will only complement each other, reducing the total work each has to do and providing a very clean, pure environment.

What different kinds of air purifiers does Air Oasis offer?

We have a broad range of models for home, office, business, commercial, industrial and personal use. See Air Oasis models.

How do I figure out which model is best for me?

There are a few factors that determine which Air Oasis unit you need. The first is how big an area do you want to purify: one room, a floor (upstairs / downstairs), the entire house, etc. The amount of square feet to be purified (actually the cubic feet - we assume an average of 8' ceiling height), generally determines which unit you might need. The second determining factor is the contaminants to be purified. For example, a 1000 square foot house normally would use a model 1000. If there were a dog and cat on the premises and a smoker, then a model 3000 would be better. The third factor is how is the space used. The more people or animals in the space, the larger the unit needs to be because people and animals are carriers of pollution on their shoes, clothes and hair. For instance, a waiting room in a health clinic would need a larger unit than a waiting room in a spa.

Will insurance companies reimburse for the cost of a Air Oasis unit?

Most insurance carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid will reimburse for prescribed and medically necessary air purification devices. Check with your healthcare provider.

Technology Questions

How is Air Oasis Air Purification technology different?

Air Oasis has taken the most powerful, accepted and well-documented air purification methods and united them with an exciting proprietary, patent-pending Air Oasis nano Nickel HCT catalyst, which is superior to any PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidation) catalyst currently on the market. Imitation air purifiers use cheap titanium dioxide (TiO2) alone as a catalyst. (TiO2 is the cheapest, most easily available catalyst metal on the market. It's often used as the white pigment in standard house paint. In contrast, the Air Oasis nano Nickel HCT contains five rare catalyst metals. Air Oasis also uses nano size metals to increase the kinetic rate of reaction.Their UV lamps utilize a proprietary long life coating allowing them to outlast any UV lamp on the market. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. The unique synergy created by this marriage of science and electronics results in a truly superlative air cleaning technology.

Is there any research supporting the effectiveness of Air Oasis Air Purifiers?

A lot of research has been done on a variety of aspects and applications of ultraviolet light, ozone and other active oxygen atoms, hydroxyls ions and negative ions. Air Oasis also has independent testing results on the effectiveness of its units.

I am a little confused about the safety of using Ultraviolet rays stated as a positive feature of these units. Are not we supposed to stay away from UV rays?

You are correct that exposure to excessive amounts of short wave and midrange ultraviolet radiation can cause injury to the skin and eyes. As such, it is important to know the ultraviolet intensity at any distance the skin or eyes will be exposed from the source. OSHA's published permissible dose for Air Oasis type of ultraviolet light is 6.0mW-sec/cm2, which is the permissible exposure time (PET). When using a radiometer to measure mW (milliwatts) this means the PET = 6.0/radiometer reading second. For example, if you had a radiometer reading of .05 mW/cm, you would have PET = 6.0/.05 = 120 seconds. That would be the amount of time you could be exposed to that dose of ultraviolet light without damage. Using a radiometer to measure the UV level at the vents of Air Oasis units (touching the vent opening), the radiometer reading is .0005 mW. That means you could have exposure of 3 hours before damage IF your eye or skin was directly on the vent. At 1/2 inch away from the vent, there is no reading on the radiometer. It can't get much safer than that.

I have seen some scientific reports that say ozone is dangerous. What gives?

Ozone can be dangerous, but only at extremely high concentrations - significantly higher than what a Air Oasis air purifier produces. There are numerous reports that say breathing ozone can have detrimental health effects. Most effects are short term and all have to do with higher levels of ozone. Some scientific papers, however, report health concerns with low levels. There is a difference in what is considered low levels. The low levels they refer to are usually between 0.08 to 0.9 ppm. These low levels are 4 - 50 times higher than the low levels that are produced by our residential machines. In fact, the ozone levels produced are so low (undetectable in the ambient air, and barely measurable at all inside the unit) that Air Oasis is not listed as an ozone-producing machine as listed on the California Hazardous Ozone-generator Ban list.

Ozone is much like just about any other element in that it has a range of effects. It is harmless or useful at moderate concentrations, but harmful at extremely high levels. For example, chlorine, an extremely powerful sanitizing agent, can be extremely dangerous if misused. However, we have learned to use it appropriately and thus can enjoy things like safe water in our swimming pools and even from our tap.

How does ozone work?
Ozone oxidizes (burns) pollutants, destroying them altogether. The ozone molecule (O3) is highly reactive, so whenever it encounters a floating particulate, one of the oxygen atoms breaks away to oxidize the pollutant. This leaves behind carbon dioxide and O2 (oxygen), refreshing the air even more. Ozone has a very high oxidation potential out of all the elements, but the Air Oasis AHPCO cell, utilizes an advanced UV hydration ionization technology to create other more powerful, yet friendlier oxidizers. To learn more, read How Does Ozone Purify Air and Misconceptions About Ozone

Are some people over-sensitive to ozone?

Yes, about 2% of the population is super-sensitive to ozone. At even extreme low levels of ozone (like the amount at an Air Oasis residential unit's vent) they may develop the usual over-ozonation symptoms of headache, burning eyes, nasal congestion, etc..

What's a hydroxyl ion?

Hydroxyl ions, which occur naturally in our atmosphere, are formed when an oxygen singlet (O1) plucks a Hydrogen atom (H) from natural humidity (H2O) to form the radical OH. Air Oasis hydroxyl ions are more effective at oxidizing pollutants in the air than ozone, and more germicidal and fungicidal than chlorine, making them the most effective method you can buy to destroy mold, bacteria, viruses and germs. Air Oasis' proprietary process produces these powerful air cleaning agents with only a very small amount of ozone - far less than what is required by other ozonating air cleaners, and in turn the hydroxyl ions create the powerful friendly oxidizers that are used to purify the air. To learn more, read Hydroxyls: Powerful Air Purification 

Do these units produce nitric oxide?

Since the Air Oasis uses UV light to produce ozone (not corona discharge), no nitric oxide or contingent substances are produced.

How do negative ions work?

Negative ions are negatively-charged electrical particles that are magnetically attracted to allergens and other airborne contaminants which are positively-charged. The newly-formed larger particles are then able to fall harmlessly to the ground, and out of the air we breathe. The Air Oasis produces copious amounts of negative ions. To learn more, read How Negative Ions Purify the Air

What happens to the ionized particle once it falls to the ground?

The ionized particle becomes too heavy to remain airborne and falls to a nearby surface. The most important thing to remember is that these microscopic pollutants are out of the air you breathe, which renders them harmless. If they're not in the air, they cannot find their way into your lungs where they do their damage. Remember, these are microscopic particles we are talking about, not specks of dirt, so your floors, furniture and other surfaces will not suddenly become "dirty" once these pollutants begin falling out of the air. It is possible, though, for these particulates to be collected as a result of your routine cleaning, like vacuuming and dusting. It is also possible for these particles to become "kicked up" again into the air. Fortunately, Air Oasis air purifiers produce a continual supply of negative ions, which means "kicked up" particulates will find themselves grounded again very quickly.

My allergist advised me to buy a HEPA filter. Are Air Oasis units as good as a HEPA filtration-type air cleaner?

HEPA filters were once the cutting edge in filtration technology, utilizing a standard of 97% efficiency in removing particulate matter of .3 microns or larger. However, a HEPA filter can only filter out particles that actually pass through it, which makes it ineffective for large spaces. HEPA filters cannot remove smaller particulates from the air nor are they effective in killing airborne bacteria and viruses or eliminating irritating or unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke. Air Oasis units do more than filter your air - Air Oasis Air Purifiers CLEAN the air and can remove allergens and irritants that a HEPA filter cannot. To learn more, read HEPA Filtration Systems

Operation Questions

Can the Air Oasis be run 24 hrs per day?

Air Oasis Air Purifiers are designed to be run 24 hrs per day. When you first run an Air Oasis, it can take from three to five days to thoroughly sanitize the space. In many instances, however, all that is necessary to rid an environment of pollutants on an on-going basis is running the unit part-time.

How expensive is the unit to operate?

While many air filters can cost $10 - $30 per month to operate, the Air Oasis runs on about $1 per month.

How can I tell if the Air Oasis Air Purifier is really working?

This depends on everyone's individual circumstances. With malodors, improvement could be noticeable within minutes or it could be hours. People with allergies and hay fever should see a marked improvement in a very short period of time. People with animals in their homes should also be able to notice a dramatic reduction in pet odors within hours. Many health benefits, however, are less overt and can only be noticed and evaluated over a longer period of time. Other times, however, people don't notice a difference in their environments when using our air purifier. What often happens is that people get used to what they are breathing. That's why, for example, most people have no idea if their own home has an odor - they simply have gotten used to it. As the Air Oasis begins working, they also get used to the steady improvement in their air quality. However, once they get used to that clean, pure air, if they were to stop using the purifier, all the old odors would come back pretty quickly and be extremely noticeable. Turn the unit off for a few days and you will probably notice a dramatic difference in your air quality.

Performance Questions

Will the unit get rid of unpleasant odors?

Air Oasis is extremely effective in neutralizing unpleasant odors. Pet odors, cooking odors, cleaning product odors, bathroom odors, musty odors, paint odors, chemical odors, garbage odors, etc. - all can be eliminated.

How effective is the unit on cigarette smoke?

There are two parts to cigarette smoke: 1) the smoke itself or the particulate, and 2) the chemical fumes and odors. Air Oasis' negative ions and photoelectrons help remove the smoke particulate from the air while the highly active friendly oxidizers neutralize the chemical fumes and odors. Overall, there will be a noticeable improvement. It should be noted that a more powerful unit -- the 3000 Xtreme or the 5000 should be recommended for use in dwellings with cigarette and cigar smokers.

Will the unit remove cigarette or cigar smoke or other odors from clothing and upholstered furniture?

Yes, but depending on how saturated the odor is, it may take an hour or it may take 48 hours. If people have been smoking in a house for awhile, tar (a stinky yellowish-brown gummy substance) gets embedded in the walls, curtains, carpets and upholstery, and the only way to remove the tar -- thus, the tar odor -- is to wash those items. No air purification technology can remove tar from fabric, carpets or surfaces, no matter what the sales hype may say.

Do the units get rid of mold and mildew?

Yes. The ultraviolet light and friendly oxidizers are fungicidal (mold and mildew are fungi).

Will my family get fewer colds and flu by using the Air Oasis Air Purifier?

There have been no official studies done that confirm this, but independent laboratory testing has confirmed a remarkable reduction in airborne viruses and bacteria as well as surface microbials. Since the majority of colds and flu are caught (transferred) at home, an overall reduction in contagions in the air and on things you touch should certainly have a positive effect.

Will an Air Oasis air purifier cure allergies and asthma?

Air Oasis Air Purifiers will not cure allergies, asthma or any healthcare condition. It is not a medical device nor is it designed for the treatment or prevention of any health ailment. However, most asthma and allergy sufferers benefit greatly from the pollutant free environment provided by the unit. Mold, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, chemical gases, etc. are all reduced in a Air Oasis environment. (See Can Allergies and Asthma Benefit by Using a Air Oasis Air Purifier?)

Maintenance Questions

Are there expensive filters that need to be replaced?

No, Air Oasis Air Purifiers do not use filtration to clean the air. The only maintenance is to replace the cell once every three years.

I don't want to spend a lot of money maintaining my Air Purifier.

Many air purifiers on the market actually cost more in maintenance costs for parts such as filters in a single year than their original purchase price. Be particularly wary of units that use disposable filters. These filters generally last roughly three months, and in many cases cost more than $100 to replace. Many unit manufacturers require that you replace your filter at least 3 times a year in order to validate your warranty. This is because dirty filters place more strain on the unit's fan motor, resulting in a high likelihood of failure or malfunction.Some air cleaner companies actually offer furnace filters and air return filters as "free bonuses" with a purchase. Beware - if an air cleaner company is offering this kind of "incentive", it probably means that their unit is not purifying as effectively as it should. Air Oasis residential and office air purifiers clean your air without the need for filters. Also watch out for negative ion and ozone generators using glass or ceramic plates or needles that require frequent cleaning and maintenance and can break very easily. Their replacement cost can easily be almost as much as the cost of the original unit.

What maintenance is required for Air Oasis Air Purifiers?

There really isn't much maintenance to the product. Just replace the AHPCO Cell once every 3 years.

Guarantee and Warranty Questions

What if I buy a Air Oasis air purifier, and it doesn't work as well as I had hoped?

Thanks to our 100% Ironclad Guarantee, you are guaranteed satisfaction or you will be refunded all of your money, less shipping and handling. You are given a 30-Day risk-free period from the day your machine arrives at your home or building. You can return the machine any time during this period and receive a full refund as long as you follow our Return Policy guidelines.

Is there any cost to me whatsoever if I decide to return an air purifier during the 30-Day risk-free period?

The only cost you would ever incur if you return your machine is the cost to ship it back to This would cost you about $10 (give or take a few dollars, depending on where you ship from). Wouldn't you agree that this is a very reasonable cost to determine whether or not an Air Oasis unit is the air-cleaning solution you've been hoping for to help you and your family breathe better? Of course, we're extremely confident that you will be pleased with our products, which is why we are willing to risk the cost of having machines returned.

Does a returned air cleaner have to arrive at within the 30-Day risk-free period in order for me to get my money back, if I decide to return it?

No. It just needs to be post-marked by the final day of your 30-Day risk-free period, and you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization from - and the correct return address - before returning the unit. For our protection, units returned without an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) will be refused, and we cannot be responsible for units not sent to our authorized returned merchandise address. Also, the unit must be returned in the original box with all accompanying materials and in excellent condition. Otherwise, a restocking fee or a partial or full charge for the unit will be incurred.

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