Air Oasis G3 3000 Residential and Office Air Sanifier Purifier

A NEW Generation of Air Purifiers Has Emerged

The Air Oasis G3 3000 Air Sanifier is the perfect unit for master bedrooms, open floor plan family rooms, offices, kitchens, nurseries and other spaces with moderate contaminants up to 3000 square feet. (The bigger the contaminant problem, the less square footage the unit can do. For instance, if you have new furniture or construction that off gasses VOCs, the G3 3000 might cover only 1500 square feet).

Air Oasis G3 air purifiers have set the standards for clean air technology. Air Oasis units are small in size, but mighty in the job they do. And they are whisper quiet — they work by sending cleansing ions to the pollution rather than dragging the air through a filter (which requires a powerful, noisy fan to do the job).

More About Air Oasis Technology

Air Oasis manufactures the most advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology on the market, significantly more effective than nearly all other air purification technologies. Made in the USA, Air Oasis has a patent pending on its Advanced Hydrated Photo Catalytic Oxidation (AHPCO) cell. Have you ever noticed how clean and fresh the air smells during a lightning storm? The AHPCO cell uses the same cool technology created by mother nature to purify the air. (The human body uses a similar process to stay healthy.)

Air Oasis calls their patent-pending technology "nano Nickel HCT PCO". It creates a broad spectrum of cleansing ions (or oxidizers) that extend out into the room destroying bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts, chemicals, gases, fumes, odors, dust mites, pollen and dander in the air and on surfaces. You're probably already aware of one oxidizer, hydro peroxide. You know it as hydrogen peroxide and you may use it to sterilize and kill germs on a wound. Using Air Oasis proprietary nano Nickel HCT PCO technology is like spraying a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide into a room to sanitize the air and surfaces of bacteria and molds. Other oxidizers are more potent against chemicals, fumes, gases and odors and other air pollution. Learn more

Benefits of the Air Oasis G3 3000 Air Purifier

  • Starts working the minute you turn it on.
  • Quickly reduces contaminants and allergens (pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and more).
  • It's the only technology that also sanitizes surfaces.
  • Can be used to sanitize mattresses, pillows, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Can be easily moved to spot treat other areas..
  • Very low maintenance (replace AHPCO cell every 2 years)
  • Energy efficient using only 15 watts.
  • Whisper quiet operation.

Remember, the Air Oasis G3 3000 works for rooms up to 3000 square feet with moderate contaminants. If you need a more powerful unit, check out the light commercial Air Oasis G3 3000 Xtreme or the Air Oasis 5000PRO. If you have a smaller space to treat, like a bedroom or smaller office, the Air Oasis G3 1000 is a good choice, or for very small rooms like a child's bedroom or a nursery less than 250 square feet, see the Air Oasis G3 Mobile and Small Room unit. Or, if you are interested in a whole house model that works with your forced air heating and air conditioning system, see the Air Oasis G3 Whole House Air Purifiers.

  • Product name: Air Oasis 3000G3
  • Model number: AO3000G3
  • Dimensions: 4" Lx 4" W x 173.5" H
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Electrical: 12VDC 15 Watts
  • Coverage: Up to 3000 sq. ft., assuming an 8 foot ceiling and depending on cubic air space and contaminants
  • Air Flow: 11 CFM
  • Working Temperature: 0 to 122 degrees F
  • Cord: 6 foot cord, meets domestic and international standards
  • Ozone levels: Less than .05 ppm
  • Positive and negative ion concentration: 20,000,000/cm3
  • Materials: Aluminum and polymers
  • Replacements: 2 year, replacement part: AHPC-G4 Cell
  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty on unit, 2 year warranty of AHPCO cell
  • 12 VDCUL, CE, TUV,CSA, FCC, PSE, TCA, and CCClisted power adapter (included in price)
  • Approvals: Conforms to Standards: UL-867 and EN-60335
  • Country of origin: Made in the USA

Air Oasis Approvals imageAir Oasis Approval image

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