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Our mission is to provide a positive contribution through our hand-picked, high quality products, activities and services that support a healthier body, mind, spirit, environment and lifestyle. We strive to create win-win scenarios that inspire, encourage and support individuals and businesses to reach their highest potential.

Company Overview

Carol James pictureHello. I'm Carol James, founder and owner of InspiredLiving.com. I started my first business, a computer dealership, in 1985 to provide business development consulting and computerized accounting services to the healthcare industry and small business.

In 1990, I shifted my business focus to HR (Human Resources) consulting and education in the areas of retention, employee and manager development, skills development, career development and training administration, working with Fortune 1000 corporations until 1998.

InspiredLiving.com was launched in May 1996, and in the summer of that year the idea for an Internet website began to emerge. I began construction on the InspiredLiving.com website in May, 1997. Over the years, it has grown to over 900 pages of exceptional health-promoting products, content, and resources, and continues to evolve and expand as I encounter relevant new content and products ... as I grow, so does InspiredLiving.com.

Long ago my web venture turned into a full-time enterprise and passion. The opportunity to offer content and products that improve people's quality of life is a dream job for which I am eternally grateful.

I hope you find value in my website and visit often. I have hand-picked every product line I sell, having first tried a product personally. There are dozens of products in my store that you would, also, find in my home.

When I find a high-quality product line that does what it claims to do and the manufacturer provides exceptional service and support, I tend to stick with that line, and we grow together. Because of that, I have represented many product lines for a long time, many since 2004, like Aulterra Neutralizers, Air Oasis Air Sanitizers, Surround Multi-Tech Air Ionizers and Miessence Organic Beauty and Hygiene products, and others over 6 years, like CuZn Water Filtration Systems, Venmar Ventilation, Coral Calcium, Sprite Shower Filters, ToothSoap and Airfree Air Sterilizers.

Over the years, I have dropped product lines either because they didn't sell well or there were too many product problems or their customer service was awful.

Speaking of customer service, my most important goal is to have a happy, satisfied customer. I have upgraded, downgraded, changed, exchanged and taken back products for a variety of reasons, but fortunately those instances are few. I have tried to provide enough information about products so that you can make an informed buying decision.

I find that about a third of my customers like to call to ask questions or to place orders. I understand that because I, too, prefer to have one-on-one phone conversations, rather than waiting for answers via email. Plus, I enjoy chatting with people, helping them to figure out what would work best for them, sharing user experiences and dispelling myths.

I come from the perspective that bigger is not always better and if you really don't need it, don't buy it. I believe in providing the "right" item for the person, if I have it. If I do not carry what a person is looking for, I have, on occasion, guided them to other places on the Internet.

What goes around comes around.

That's my motto, which translated means: Treat others exactly as I would want them to treat me.

My door is always open for your comments, suggestions and ideas. Send Email Now

To your health, wellness and happiness!

Have an inspired day.

Carol James

P.S. Learn more about my philosophical approach to life at personal website.

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