Watersafe Water Test Kits for City and Well Water

Watersafe Drinking Water Tests Kits are a revolution in home water testing. They're fast -- results in 10 minutes start to finish. They're affordable, costing less than $20 for city water (less than $25 for well water) for a comprehensive in-home kit. And they provide professional lab-quality results that appear right before your eyes!

Watersafe City Water Test Kit imageWhy Water Testing?

Water is by far the most ingested substance on the planet and the most important substance to your health being that your body is composed of up to 65% water in adults. Even with modern water-treatment facilities, water can be a significant source of dangerous contaminants, spreading acute and chronic diseases, not to mention the toxic chemicals used to treat the water like chlorine, chloramine and fluoride.

Continual exposure to certain man-made chemicals can be highly insidious, causing damage over months or years with often serious and sometimes deadly effects. Chlorine and chloramines, used for disinfection in most commercial and residential facilities, can react with organic matter to form cancer-causing trihalomethanes.

Even naturally occurring contaminants can show up in drinking water with deadly consequences. According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, E. coli bacteria is responsible for an estimated 73,000 cases of infection and 61 deaths per year in the United States.

Lead is toxic when ingested and causes a wide variety of systemic and developmental problems in adults and children yet this metal can leach from old pipes and fixtures in the water pH is too low, making its way into drinking water. Many homes and offices built before 1988 may have lead-containing pipes and fixtures still in use. In the US, about 1,000,000 children under the age of six have an amount of lead in their blood that exceeds the level of concern.

Pesticides have been discovered in every large watershed in the US. The dangerous synthetic chemicals used in pesticides have also been detected in an alarmingly high percentage of groundwater wells in the US. Different pesticides cause different health problems; some affect the nervous system, some affect hormones, some are carcinogens and others irritate the skin or eyes.

Nitrate (NO3) is a naturally occurring form of nitrogen (N) which is very mobile in water. It is essential for plant growth and is often added to soil to improve productivity. Water moving down through soil after rainfall or irrigation carries dissolved nitrate with it to ground water. In this way, nitrate enters the water supplies of many homeowners who use wells or springs. Unfortunately, nitrates are not healthy for humans, because when swallowed, nitrates are converted to nitrites that can react with hemoglobin in the blood, which decreases the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen. This is especially harmful to infants.

Even most bottled waters are nothing more than tap water or very expensive good tasting by toxic water. The Environmental Working Group tested 173 bottled water brands for transparency -- what each company is willing to share with you about where their water comes from, how or if it's treated, and how pure it is -- and more half of all bottled waters flunked. In fact, only 3 brands received a B grade, and none received an A.

Watersafe Has Received the Handyman Seal of ApprovalWatersafe Receives Handyman Seal of Approval

August 29, 2009

The Handyman Club of America has awarded the Watersafe Well Water Test Kit their Member Tested and Recommended Seal of Approval. Handy magazine featured the test kit in their October/November 2009 Issue.

Here's what the product testers had to say:

"The test kit provides a way for homeowners with their own wells to test safety and content of tap water without going through state agencies and sending the samples in to a lab."
- Roy Pearson

"We have lived in our house now for 20 years and have always enjoyed the water coming from our well. But there is always that nagging feeling about the quality of what we are drinking what might be in the water we can't see or smell. This test is simply put peace of mind! In 20 minutes my wife and I were able to put to rest that fear that there may be an unknown in our drinking water. The test could not have been more simple and when you get to have the results almost instantly it is even almost exciting. Thank you for a great product at a great price. I didn't think you could put a price on peace of mind now know differently."
- Scott Velting

"The Watersafe Well Water Test Kit is a quick and easy way to test water quality. I particularly liked how the kit included tests for several different contaminants instead of just a few."
- Daniel Dunar

"I was able to test my water for bacteria, iron, copper, ph/chlorine, lead and pesticide. It was very easy to use and it gave me fast results."
- James F. Bennett, Jr.

"This kit was very easy to use. The instructions were easy to follow and the test materials were labeled and packaged in a convenient manner. I had no idea what my water well water contained until this product came along."
- Ralph Fraser

"Simple, easy to use, instant results. I'd recommend this to any home owner with a well."
- Mary De Blasio

"This was a quick, easy and simple to use way to get information about my water quality. Water quality is often an issue in my area, especially for us who use private wells. By performing a quick and simple test, you can find out if your own private (or for that matter public) water is safe."
- John Warren

Watersafe Has Been Featured In

Woman's Health Magazine about Watersafe Water Testing imageTest your tap water
Buy a home-testing kit. MOST DIY tests provide strips small vials that change color for easy-to-read results. Look for one that measures bacteria, nitrate, lead, and chlorine, such as Watersafe's All-in-One.

Body and Soul about Watersafe Water Testing imageTap water can contain more than 90 contaminants-some harmless, some downright scary. Find out whether you have cause for concern by testing with Silverlake Research's Watersafe All-in-one Kit. It measures levels of bacteria, chlorine, lead, nitrates, and pesticides, all calibrated to EPA standards, and is easier than mailing water samples to a lab.

Wall Street Journal about Watersafe Water Testing imageIt's important to identify the contaminants in your water before buying treatment equipment, since it could mean the difference between paying around $30 for a filter pitcher that takes out just chlorine, copper, lead and mercury -- or up to $6,000 to treat water from a contaminated well.

Popular Mechanics about Watersafe Water Testing image

Is tap water tasty or toxic? We ran two sources through a new, low-price home test kit, then double-checked with a professional lab to see if you can really chem-class your way to aquatic confidence in your own kitchen.


Health Magazine about Watersafe Water Testing image

Find out which contaminants are flowing through your pipes with the Watersafe Home Drinking Water Test. A chart tells you if they exceed standard levels.


Natural Health about Watersafe Water Testing image

Watersafe Drinking Water Test... This home kit lets you find what's lurking in your water in just 10 minutes.


Good Housekeeping about Watersafe Water Testing image

If your water comes from your town's supply and it's discolored or tastes strange, you may want to test it for lead or copper. First, call your water supplier... otherwise, you can buy an individual test, such as Watersafe Lead Test.



People Magazine about Watersafe Water Testing image

Watersafe Home Drinking Water Test... The single use kit . . . measures levels of nitrites, nitrates, chlorine and certain pesticides.



U.S. News Magazine about Watersafe Water Testing imageConsumers are embarking on their own efforts to ensure safe drinking water at home. California's Silver Lake Research sells tests that give consumers immediate results. Its Watersafe all-in-one package, which tests for lead, pesticides, and E. coli bacteria.


INC Magazine about Watersafe Water Testing image... U.S. geography dictates that a mass-market product be multifunctional... Watersafe meets all those requirements. It can detect seven types of contaminants, from chlorine to traces of bacteria like E. coli.



Popular Science about Watersafe Water Testing image

Look for a kit that checks for EPA-regulated contaminants like Silver Lake Research's Watersafe Drinking Water Test.


This Old House about Watersafe Water Testing image

If the hassle and expense of sending of shipping your water to a state certified lab has stopped you from finding out whether your H2O includes some unwelcome contaminants, try a home testing kit, such as the one made by Watersafe.


Alaska Airlines Magazine about Watersafe Water Testing imageSilver Lake Research of Monrovia, California has recently introduced a product that makes home water testing fast, simple and inexpensive. It's eight in one Watersafe test kit can detect pollutants in concentrations measured in parts per billion-up to a thousand times more sensitive than other in-home tests.

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