Chlorine Shower Filter Comparisons and Reviews

The following is a brief explanation of the columns you will find in the comparison chart located further below on this page.

Manufacturer Model Number: lists the manufacturer's model name and/or number for the unit included in this comparison.

Filter Media Type: lists the primary technology used to neutralize chlorine.

Manufacturer Claimed Shower Filter Life: is based on marketing claims, as it is beyond the scope of this review. Variables such as, geographic location, water quality, water pressure, water temperature, time of year, shower length and number of showers per day will impact your individual results.

Manufacturer Claimed Chlorine Removal Percentage: is based solely on that companys marketing and sales literature.

Observed Chlorine Removal Percentage: is measured with an Extech EX800 Digital Chlorine Testing Kit. Unfiltered water was measured for total residual chlorine levels and compared to a filtered sample. This number represents the reduction percentage for total chlorine that was observed and recorded. All testing was conducted in actual residential shower facilities in order to mimic real world conditions as closely as possible.

Price: is how much you can expect to pay online not including shipping, sales tax or any available discounts. This price includes one complete shower filter kit that may or may not include a showerhead, depending on how it is bundled from that seller.

Chlorine-Removing Shower Filter Review and Comparision

Mfg. Model Number Filter Type Claimed Filter Life Claimed % Effectiveness Observed % Effectiveness* Price



KDF/ Carbonized Coconut Shell 6 Months Not Specified 36% $67.99



KDF/GAC 6 Months 95% 38% $19.97



KDF/Quartz 6 Months 95% 39% $32.95



Chlorgon® 12 Months 100% 99% $34.95


Wellness Shower

Japanese Minerals + Ceramics 24 Months Not Specified 29% $249.00



KDF/Quartz 6 Months 90% 39% $49.95

Crystal Quest

Luxury Shower

KDF/GAC 6 Months Not Specified 19% $35.95



Vitamin C 6 Months Not Specified 99% $25.17

* This percentage is derived from the observed differences in total residual chlorine found between filtered and unfiltered shower tap water as it relates to this review. These numbers may not be typical for every application or household. The water supply used for testing contained a high amount of combined chlorine (chloramine), which may or may not exist in your tap water. You are urged to get a copy of your water municipalities latest water quality report to verify the type of disinfectant currently being used. Most water municipalities have recently, or will very soon, be introducing chloramine as their disinfectant of choice.

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