Sprite High Output Shower Filter

Chlorine Removing Shower Filters
for Soft, Healthy Hair and Skin

Chlorine is a poisonous gas that damages your skin and hair. Plus, hot shower water causes chlorine to vaporize, which you then breathe into your lungs. The result can be lung irritation, allergies, brittle, thinning hair and itchy, flaky skin. We carry an extensive line of shower filters that remove chlorine and other pollutants, making your skin and hair soft and healthy.

Sprite Shower Filters
The Most Trusted Name in Shower Filtration

All Sprite Shower Filters use energy-saver heads and patented Chlorgon®® filtration media. Chlorgon®®, a non-carbon media, removes more chlorine at a wider temperature range than any other shower filtration media (not to be used for drinking water because of the taste). The Chlorgon®® filtration media removes the following from your shower and bath water:

  • Free Chlorine (CI)
  • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and Vapors
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)
  • Iron Oxide (Rust Water)
  • Dirt, Sediment and Other Odors

And Sprite Shower Filters balance the water's pH. As a result of bathing in purer, chlorine-free water, you may notice:

  • You breathe easier because Sprite Shower Filtration reduces harsh chlorine vapors, which are caused from the hot water and inhaled in the lungs and transferred into the blood stream.
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms.
  • Alleviation of dry itchy skin and healthier looking skin.
  • Luster and natural shine returning to your hair, leaving it silky and smooth. Great for color-treated hair.
  • Reduction of scale buildup and spotting due to softer, pH balanced water. 

Sprite High Output Shower Filters include a high-capacity (25,000 gallons or 1 year, whichever comes first) reversible, replaceable filtration cartridge for greater chlorine-removal capability that can last up to one year. Sprite High Output Shower Filters are available in ABS plastic (white or chrome) and solid metal (chrome, satin nickel and gold {polished brass}). They are available with or without a shower head (if you have a showerhead you love, opt for the NO head model). Or, turn your shower into a spa-quality, oxygen-rich shower with the amazing Oxygenics showerheads (see below).

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Sprite ABS Plastic Shower Filter imagesSprite High Output ABS Plastic Shower Filter

The High Output Shower Filter removes harmful chlorine, dirt and odors for a cleaner, fresher shower. The Sprite ABS plastic shower filters come in whote or chrome. They fit all showers (shower arms with ball joints require an adapter) Features include:

  • Sure-grip polypropylene plastic housing with all replaceable parts.
  • Housing unscrews in half for easy annual cartridge replacement.



Sprite High Output Shower Filter in Solid Metal Brass FinishSprite High Output All Metal (solid brass) Shower Filters

The High Output All Metal Shower Filter is an all metal, polished chrome shower filter housing that comes in an elegant jeweled polished chrome finish. It is guaranteed not to crack, spot or tarnish. The High Output All Metal Shower Filter comes complete with a solid metal chromed energy-saver power-spray head (pictured in the High Output All Metal Shower Filter image above), a strong water flow adjustable deluxe spray head (shown in picture), an Oxygenics shower head, or, if you prefer, no shower head to use your favorite head. Features include:

  • A swivel ball in the showerhead allows you to adjust the spray direction at a finger's touch.
  • All metal housing unscrews in half for easy cartridge replacement.
  • One year replaceable, reversible, long-lasting cartridge.




Sprite High Output Replacement Filters

Replacement filter for Sprite High Output Shower FilterHigh Output Shower Filter Cutaway ImageThe Sprite High Output replacement filter uses patented Chlorgon®® filtration media, which typically lasts one year, more or less, depending on your water quality and the quantity and length of showers taken daily. The Sprite High Output replacement filter fits the Sprite ABS Plastic and All Metal High Output Shower Filters listed below (fits April Shower Deluxe, too).


Turn Your Shower into a Spa-Quality, Oxygen-Rich Shower
with the Amazing Oxygenics Showerheads

Sprite High Output with Oxygenics Showerhead

The Oxygenics shower head accelerates, oxygenates and energizes the water flow, giving you the greatest showering sensation ever achieved with the added benefits of water savings. When the Oxygenics is combined with the Sprite High Output Shower Filter, which removes harmful impurities in the water, like chlorine, heavy metals and hydrocarbons, your shower experience is enhanced significantly. By filtering out the impurities in your shower water, you remove the toxic ingredients that have been linked to dry skin, hair loss, breathing problems and allergies.

To add an Oxygenics showerhead, go to our Oxygenics section and select the oxygenics showerhead you want, then select a Sprite filter option. more info

Oxygenics Showerheads can be added to Sprite Shower Filters

NOTE: We can combine any Sprite High Output Shower Filter and any Oxygenic Shower Head, so if you don't see the combination you want at the Oxygenics section, give us a call toll free at 866-875-4386.

Sprite Shower Filters are made in the U.S.A.and are Duty FREE to Canada.

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