How to Remove Chlorine, Chloramine and
Heavy Metals from Your Bathing Water

Water Filters for the Removal of Chlorine,
Chloramine, Heavy Metals and Other Water Pollutants
in Showers, Bath Tubs and Spas

Most people regard a hot shower or bath as one of life's little pleasures. However, what many people don't realize is the danger of chlorine in the water. Although chlorine is universally used to disinfect water, it is not safe for drinking, showering or bathing.

"Chlorine is so dangerous" according to biologist/chemist Dr. Herbert Schwartz," that it should be banned. Putting chlorine in the water is like starting a time bomb. Cancer, heart trouble, premature senility, both mental and physical, are conditions attributable to chlorine-treated water supplies. It is making us grow old before our time by producing symptoms of aging such as hardening of the arteries."

Chlorine and Your Health

In Super Nutrition for Healthy Hearts Dr Richard Passwater shows how "the origin of heart disease is akin to the origin of Cancer." Chlorination could very well be a key factor linking these two major diseases. Chlorine creates THM's and haloforms. These potent chemical pollutants can trigger the production of excess free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals cause cell damage. Excess free radicals can cause normal smooth muscle cells in the arterial wall to go haywire, to mutate. The fibrous plaque consequently formed is essentially a benign tumor. Unfortunately, this tumor is linked with the origin of heart disease. Read Chlorine Studies

Several studies in the older literature reported that chronic exposure to chlorine concentrations of around 5 ppm caused respiratory complaints, corrosion of the teeth, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, and increased susceptibility to tuberculosis in workers. American Council of Government of Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values. Fourth Edition. Cincinnati, OH. 1986.

Animal studies have reported decreased body weight gain, eye and nose irritation, and effects on the respiratory tract, liver, and kidneys from chronic inhalation exposure to chlorine. Other studies have indicated that exposure to chlorine, via inhalation, may alter disease resistance in animals, with higher incidences of emphysema, pneumonia, and tuberculosis reported. Source: E.J. Calabrese and E.M. Kenyon. Air Toxics and Risk Assessment. Lewis Publishers, Chelsea, MI. 1991.

Showering may negatively affect our health more than we ever thought. Gasses, as a rule, are less soluble in hot water, and when heated, the free chlorine in water escapes into the air we breathe. When taking a shower, chlorine gasses are steadily increased in the air to an extent that we breathe the harmful fumes. Regularly taking hot showers with chlorinated water could irritate the lungs and pose a health risk.

Chlorine and Aging

Studies published in Nature and Health magazine indicate the likelihood that regular exposure to chlorinated water can promote the aging process of the skin, much like extended exposure to sunlight.

Chlorine and Hair

"One out of every two clients coming into the salon has chlorine damage to their hair," says Vancouver's top hairdresser Derek London. "It's almost the same as oxidation from peroxide burning, except chlorine adds density to the hair. You see a lot of breakage and splitting. Hair tangles when it's shampooed and becomes difficult to comb."

Chlorine-removing shower filters and bath filters purify your water and:

  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Restore your hair's natural shine and luster
  • Invigorate your lungs

Sprite and CuZn Shower Filters
The Oldest, Most Trusted Names in Water Filtration

All CuZnTM water filters uses KDF filtration media, which meets NSF/ANSI Standard 177 for shower filtration systems. NSF/ANSI Standard 177 establishes minimum performance requirements for shower filtration systems including substance reduction performance, materials safety, and design, construction and structural performance. This standard also specifies the minimum product literature and labeling information that a manufacturer shall supply to authorized representatives and system owners. KDFTM media also inhibits the growth of E coli, mold, bacteria and other impurities.

All Sprite Shower Filters use patented Chlorgon®, a non-carbon media and CuZn uses Catalytic Carbon, both of which remove more chlorine at a wider temperature range than other carbon medias. Chlorgon® as used with Sprite and Catalytic Carbon with KDF55 as used with CuZn removes the following from your shower and bath water:

  • Free Chlorine (CI) - 99% in the beginning
  • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)
  • Iron Oxide (Rust Water)
  • Dirt, Sediment and Other Odors

The KDF in the CuZn also removes heavy metals. Additionally, CuZn offers a KDF85 and Catalytic Carbon shower filter and bath ball to remove chloramines. Sprite does not have a chloramine-treatment model.

For a review of the chlorine-removing effectiveness of different shower filters, including Sprit and VitaShower, click here.

And CuZn and Sprite Shower Filters balance the water's pH and use energy-saver showerheads. As a result of bathing in purer, chlorine-free water, you may notice:

  • You breathe easier because the filter medias reduce harsh chlorine vapors, which are caused from the hot water and are inhaled in the lungs and transferred into the blood stream.
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms.
  • Alleviation of dry itchy skin and healthier looking skin.
  • Luster and natural shine returning to your hair, leaving it silky and smooth. Great for color-treated hair.
  • Reduction of scale buildup and spotting due to softer, pH balanced water.

For an overview of the different Sprite Shower Filter options, click here. And we carry the CuZn TurboShower and CuZn Bath Ball.

Chloramine Versus Chlorine

In addition to chlorine, many city water treatment centers now add chloramine to public water. Chloramine is a chemical compound of chlorine and ammonia. It does not dissipate or evaporate into the air as chlorine does, however, it is highly toxic and lethal to marine animals and fish. When in contact with organic materials in raw water, it creates toxic by-products. While there is much debate about the safety of chloramine, many choose not to take a chance on harming their health by purchasing chloramine-removing shower and bath filters. We carry two different methods of removing chloramines:

  1. VitaShower Shower Filter and VitaBath Tablets for bath tubs and spas, which use Vitamin C to remove chlorine and chloramines. No other water contaminants are removed by this technology.
  2. CuZn TurboShower for the shower and CuZn Bath Ball for the bath tub, both of which use KDF85 media, which removes a significant amount of chloramines, iron, hydrogen sulfide, water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, copper, arsenic and other dissolved metals, controls the buildup of bacteria, algae, fungi and scale, even in hot water, and a removes roughly 75% of free and combined chlorine.

 Say Goodbye to Chlorine in Your Shower and Bath
While Saving Water and Energy

All shower filters we carry are water-saving 2.5 gpm flow rate. For more water-saving tips, click here.

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We carry a variety of shower filter styles and models:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use a water shut-off valve with shower filters. Too much water pressure builds up, which can cause the shower filter to crack.

Sprite High Output Shower Filter in Solid Metal or ABS Plastic

Sprite High Output

Removes Chlorine

Sprite High Slim-Line Shower Filter in Solid Metal or ABS Plastic

Sprite Slim-Line

Removes Chlorine

Sprite Low-Offset Universal Shower Filter

Sprite Universal Low-Offset, Dial-a-Date

Removes Chlorine

Sprite Hand-held Royale Shower Filter

Sprite Hand-Held

Removes Chlorine

Sprite slim-line shower filter with Oxygenics SkinCare showerhead

Sprite-Oxygenics Combo

Removes Chlorine

Sprite all-in-one filtered showerhead

Sprite Filtered Heads

Removes Chlorine

CuZn TurboShower image

CuZn TurboShower

Available in two options: KDF55 for Chlorine and KDF85 for Chloramines. KDF55 includes Catalytic Carbon.

VitaShower Vitamin C Shower Filter

VitaShower Vitamin C Filter

Removes Chlorine and Chloramines

Sprite Mediterranean bath salts remove chlorine

Sprite Mediterranean Bath Salts

Removes Chlorine

CuZn Bath Ball bath tub water filter

CuZn Bath Tub Filters

Available in two options: KDF55 for Chlorine and KDF85 for Chloramines. KDF55 includes Catalytic Carbon.

Rain Shower bath ball water filter

Rain Show'r Crystal Ball Bath Tub Filter

Removes Chlorine and Chloramines

VitaBath Vitamin C bath tablets to remove chlorine and chloramine

VitaBath Vitamin C Tablets

For bath tubs and spas. Removes Chlorine and Chloramines

Oyxgenics fixed showerheadsTurn your shower into a spa-quality, oxygen-rich shower with the amazing Oxygenics Showerheads. Oxygenics Showerheads can be added to the Sprite High Output and Sprite Slim-Line models.

For those who prefer taking a bath, we offer a variety of filters and bath salts that remove chlorine and chloramines from bath tub water:

Click here to order replacement filters

Sprite replacement filters for high output, slim-line and hand-held models

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