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In recent years bottled water has come under increased scrutiny because of plastic bottles leaching toxic chemicals like BPA, Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic acids. Plus millions of barrels of oil are used each year to produce and transport bottled water, and billions of empty bottles end up in landfills and the ocean each year, where they may last for 1,000 years.

Do You Know the Quality of the Bottled Water You Are Drinking?

Most people purchase bottled water because they believe that it is purer than tap water. But is it?

City tap water can have no confirmed E. coli or fecal coliform bacteria (bacteria that are indications of possible contamination by fecal matter). FDA bottled water rules include no such prohibition (a certain amount of any type of coliform bacteria is allowed in bottled water).

Repeated high levels of bacteria (i.e., "heterotrophic-plate-count" bacteria) in tap water combined with a lack of disinfectant can trigger a violation for cities but not for water bottlers.

Most cities using surface water have had to test for cryptosporidium or giardia, two common water pathogens that can cause diarrhea and other intestinal problems (or more serious problems in vulnerable people), yet bottled water companies don't have to do this.

Nearly one in four of the waters tested (23 of the 103 waters, or 22 percent) violated strict applicable state (California) limits for bottled water in at least one sample, most commonly for arsenic or certain cancer-causing man-made ("synthetic") organic compounds.

The above facts are from the Natural Defenses Resource Council's website, Click here to read the entire article about water bottles.

Nearly Every Bottled Water Product Flunked Environmental Working Group's Test

Then there is the high cost per gallon of bottle water, which is often nothing more than tap water. When the Environmental Working Group tested 173 bottled water brands for transparency — what each company is willing to share with you about where their water comes from, how or if it’s treated, and how pure it is — more than half of all bottled waters flunked. In fact, only 3 brands received a B grade, and none received an A.

One way to save a lot of money and get pure, clean, safe water at home or on the go is with Seychelle Water Filters. Seychelle portable water filtration products help the environment and are a better alternative to bottled water. They are specifically designed to assure that the water you drink is great-tasting, fresh and clean regardless of the source - straight from the tap, or from rivers, lakes, streams, creeks or ponds. They are ideal for everyday use when camping, hiking, biking, backpacking, at school, at the office and especially for emergency preparedness.

Seychelle Plastic Bottles Are BPA Free

The plastic bottles Seychelle uses are environmentally safe, re-usable, and can be recycled. They will not leach and are BPA free. They provide up to 100 gallons of great-tasting filtered water which is equal to 757 half liters of bottled water for just pennies a gallon.

Seychelle is simply the best and most effective line of portable and home water filtration products. Their filtration media features its unique Ionic Adsorption Micron Filter Technology that removes up to 99.99% of the contaminants and pollutants that can be found in drinking water. But while they take the bad stuff out - they leave in the beneficial trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Seychelle filtering technology beats competing products in percentage and range of contaminants removed.

Seychelle Water Filters Save You Money

Seychelle Water Filters are the economical way for you and your family to enjoy clean, fresh filtered water. If you buy bottled water, check out these dramatic savings:

Bottle Average Retail Price Cost Per Gallon Cost for 100 Gallons
Seychelle 28 oz $29.99 $.29 $29.99
Evian* $1.00 $7.57 $757.00
Aquafina* $0.79 $5.98 $598.03
Crystal Geyser* $0.69 $5.22 $522.33
Kirkland* $0.14 $1.29 $128.69

* Based on half-liter bottles, which contain only 16.9 oz. Prices represent a cross section of retail prices.

Who Buys and Uses Seychelle Products?

  • Those concerned about the taste, odor and quality of their drinking water.
  • Those who travel worldwide.
  • Those who pursue an active lifestyle.
  • Those who are concerned about surviving disasters including floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes.
  • Those who buy bottled water on a consistent basis even though they may question the source and quality.
  • Those concerned about the environment.
Overview of Seychelle Water Filtration Products

Seychelle Water Filter Straw for Pure Water on the GoSeychelle Water Filter Straws for Pure Water Anywhere You Go

A Portable, Reusable Straw That Filters Water As You Drink It in Restaurants, Hotel Rooms, Drinking Fountains, etc.

The Seychelle Water Filter Straw is compact, being small enough to fit in your purse, pocket, briefcase, luggage, backpack or car glove box. It is easy to use and truly versatile, making it the perfect way to insure safe, clean drinking water wherever you go. The Seychelle Water Filter Straw comes in an attractive carrying case. Seychelle water filter straws provide up to 25 gallons of great-tasting filtered water which is equal to about 189 half liters of bottled water, providing great-tasting clean water at a fraction of the cost. Never leave home without it!  Read more about Seychelle Water Filter Straws

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Seychelle Filtered Flip Top Sports and Travel Water Bottles

Ideal for Outdoors, Whether Walking, Hiking, Biking, Traveling or Camping. Excellent for Boats, Airplanes, Trains

Seychelle Filtered Flip Top Sports and Travel Water BottleThe 28 oz. Seychelle Standard and Advanced Water Filtration Flip Top Bottles are the modern day answer to clean, great-tasting drinking water for the active lifestyle. They were designed with the consumer in mind in that you drink water from it at a 45 degree angle below your mouth thus avoiding waste and spilling!

The Seychelle Filtered Sports Bottle comes with an attractive insulator sleeve, which can attach to a belt or backpack. It is ideal for the outdoors, whether walking, hiking, biking, traveling or camping. The bottle is filled from the top and produces up to 100 gallons (equal to 757 half liters of bottled water) of great-tasting filtered water equal to or better than bottled water. It is our best selling water filtration bottle.

The 28 oz. Advanced Seychelle Water Filtration Flip Top Bottle is the perfect solution for those traveling to foreign countries where safe drinking water is at a premium and for emergency preparedness because it removes up to 99.9999% of bacteria and virus. Read more about Seychelle Water Filter Bottles

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Seychelle Military Style Canteen

Seychelle Military Canteen 39 oz. Filter for Emergency and River WaterEnjoy Safe, Pure Water from Any Water Source When Hiking, Camping, Enjoying Wilderness Adventures and for Emergency Water Needs

The Seychelle military style canteen is very popular for those enjoying the great outdoors who want a large capacity hydrating capability. The 38 oz. military style canteen fits into most standard canteen belt pouches. The filter is attached to the cap, and is replaceable.

The Seychelle Military style canteen is ideal for any outdoor use, like hiking, biking, camping, fishing or for emergency purposes. It can be used with any type of water source: tap or rainwater, rivers, streams or even lakes.

The military canteen is filled from the top and produces up to 100 gallons of great-tasting water and can be used more than 336 refills and is equal to 454 liters of bottled water! Read more about Seychelle Water Filter Canteen

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Seychelle Pure Water Pump for Camping, Travel or Emergency Water Use

Pump Pure Water from a Reservoir, Pond, Pool, River or Lake or from Water Stored In a Bottle, Drum, Tub, Storage Tank or Virtually Any Type of Container

Seychelle Water Filter Pump Seychelle Pure Water Pump is ideal for pumping water from any reservoir, pond, pool, river or lake or from water stored in a 2 1/2 gallon to 5 gallon bottle, 20 to 50 gallon drum, a tub, storage tank or virtually any type of container! The Seychelle Water Pump filters the water as it is pumped out, giving you clean, pure safe water to drink.

The Seychelle Water Pump is ideal for any outdoor use, like hiking, biking, camping, fishing or for emergency purposes. It can be used with any type of water source: tap or rainwater, rivers, streams or even lakes. It uses the advanced filter, which removes up to 99.99% of contaminants and pollutants found in fresh water supplies including: aesthetics such as chlorine, sediment and dirt, biologicals such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E-Coli Bacteria, chemicals (VOC's) such as DDT, MTBE, Benzene, Chloroforms (THM's) and dissolved Solids (heavy metals) such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum and Chromium 6.

Additionally, the advanced filter includes EPA approved iodinated resin (EPA Reg #: 35917-2), which has been proven effective in the removal of bacteria and virus to six logs (99.9999%). Read more about Seychelle Water Filter Emergency Water Pump

Note: The 2.5 gallon jug (pictured) is not included.

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Seychelle Refillable Water Pitcher Filters

Remove Chlorine, Chloramine, Chemicals and Heavy Metals from Your Water

Seychelle Kitchen Family Water PitcherThe affordable Seychelle Pure Pitcher Water Filter is the most technologically improved product of its kind in the world. Providing up to 150 gallons of great-tasting filtered water before filter replacement, it makes water all day long whereas other pitchers can be used only twice a day in most circumstances.

Streamlined and elegant looking, it fits easily into any refrigerator, and is ideal for RV use, camping, boating and traveling.

The pitcher uses the regular Seychelle filter which removes chlorine, chloramines, chemicals and heavy metals. It does not remove giardia and cryptosporidium so it is designed as a drinking water product to be used with chlorinated municipal water, and as a replacement for bottled water. Read more about Seychelle Water Pitchers

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Seychelle Water Filtration Replacement Filters

Click here for replacement filters for Seychelle 28 oz Sports Bottle, 38 oz Canteen, Emergency Water Pump and Kitchen Pitcher

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