Pregnant and Nursing Body Pillows,
Breast and Belly Balm for Pregnancy Stretch Marks,
and Other Maternity Products for Pregnant Women

What you eat and put on your skin gets absorbed by your baby, so it is especially important to select chemical-free products that support better health for yourself and your baby.That includes the creams you put on your skin, the water you bath in and drink and the food you eat.

In addition to the products listed in this section, which are perfect for pregnant women, also see the following sections:

Miessence Certified Organic Breast and Belly Balm imageMiessence Certified Organic Breast and Belly Balm for Pregnant Women

Potent and Regenerative Oils, Butters and Extracts to Nourish and Feed Your Growing Skin, While Minimizing the Occurrence of Stretch marks and Promoting Skin Renewal, Elasticity and Suppleness.
An amazingly powerful blend of organic and wild-harvested ingredients from around the world to care for your expanding body. Potent and regenerative oils, butters and extracts from flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds nourish and feed your growing skin. Minimizes the occurrence of stretch marks with exceptional skin regeneratives that actively promote renewal, elasticity and suppleness. Eases the itching associated with rapid expansion. Helps to prevent underlying tissue damage by stimulating skin renewal. Feels wonderful and smells divine, so your massaging ritual is utterly enjoyable and nurturing. Completely safe to use during pregnancy, and beyond, to help your skin regain it's suppleness. more info

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Snoozer Full Body Pillows for Pregant WomenSnoozer Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women

Positions Your Body in Perfect Alignment. Great for Pregnant Women, too
Are you looking for extra support for aching muscles, recovering from an injury, pregnant or simply a pillow connoisseur? Whether you are a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper -- or pregnant -- SNOOZER Full Body Pillows can satisfy your needs.

The comfy SNOOZER Full Body Pillow is 66" long and 14" wide. more info on Pillows for Pregnant and Nursing Women

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Snoozer Small Pillow for Breastfeeding Support

Ideal for Nursing Mothers to Provide Breastfeeding Support
The SNOOZER Junior Body Pillow is Doctor Recommended to improve your sleep quality before, during, and after your pregnancy! Great for adults and kids alike this compact design is versatile enough to cradle just about any portion of you body to provide the targeted support you need without the bulk of a larger pillow. more info

  • Versatile design fits all of the body
  • Provides Ideal Pregnancy Support
  • Works as an Excellent Nursing Pillow
  • Improves Overall Sleep Quality
  • Enhances Muscular Relaxation
  • Promotes Healthier Circulation
  • Reduces Head, Neck and Back Strain
  • Promotes Proper Spinal Alignment
  • Accommodates All Sleeping Positions
  • Can Provide Pain Relief for Knee and Back Injuries

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Unique Stuff 5 x 9 Inch Baby Bottle Warmer Hot Pack imageUnique Stuff Heat 5" x 9" Baby Bottle Warmer Hot Pack

Fits Hand Mufflers and Warms Baby Bottles
The 5" x 9" Reusable Heat Pack is convenient and versatile. Features bendable joints for multipurpose use and application. This instant heat pack is especially effective as a baby bottle warmer. If you suffer from any type of muscle pain, throw out your old heating pad because you now have a pack that you can take with you anywhere. From massage therapy to keeping warm in the outdoors, this is a pack that can do it all. The 5" x 9" is designed specifically to fit inside a hand muffler.

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Miessence Skincare Products for pregnant and nursing women

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The Miessence skin care sets are designed around 4 different skin profiles:

  1. Balancing for Normal or T-Zone Combination Skin
  2. Purifying for Oily, Blemishes, Pimples or Acne Skin
  3. Rejuvenating for Dry, Aging or Wrinkling Skin
  4. Soothing for Sensitive, Inflamed or Rosacea Skin

Miessence Certified Organic Starter Skin Care Set imageMiessence Certified Organic 3-Piece Starter Skincare Sets

The full size bottles are roughly about a three month supply, more or less depending on personal use. The Miessence Starter Skin Care Set includes full sizes of:

  1. Miessence Certified Organic Cleanser 8.5 fl. oz.
  2. Miessence Certified Organic Conditioner 3.4 fl. oz.
  3. Miessence Certified Organic Moisturizer 1.7 oz.


    To view the complete list of pregnant women maternity products, click here.

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