Remove Tough, Smelly, Lingering Odors with
the Odor Absorbing Environmental Air Sponge

Non-Toxic, Non-Polluting, Ecologically and Environmentally Friendly,
Biodegradable, Odorless and Harmless if Ingested

Our senses are bombarded by offensive odors from a variety of sources, like body odors, pet odors, food odors, smoke odors and musty odors. Our initial reaction to odors is the irritation to our sense of smell. The more important problem is the damage odor contaminants may do to our respiratory system. Breathing air contaminants causes 100% of all respiratory diseases.

Obviously the best way to get rid of an odor is to remove and clean the odor causing substance. But some odors are very difficult to eliminate even with washing, since any porous material like wood, drywall, carpeting, etc. holds the odor molecules inside.

Environmental Air Sponge Odor Eater to the Rescue!

The Environmental Odor Absorber Air Sponge is a technological breakthrough in the world of odor elimination and odor control to enhance air quality. The Environmental Odor Absorber Air Sponge is an environmentally safe product that eliminates virtually all odors and pollutants from the indoor air in your home, office, car, RV or boat, as well as lingering effects in clothing, curtains, drapes, carpets and upholstery. The Environmental Air Sponge acts like an odor eater to absorb pollutants and offensive odors like:

  • Animal Odors
  • Asphalt Fumes
  • Bathroom Smells
  • Body Odors
  • Burned Food Odors
  • Carpet Odors
  • Charred Materials
  • Cooking Odors
  • Dead Animals
  • Decaying Odors
  • Detergents
  • Diaper Odors
  • Exhaust Fumes
  • Fecal Odors
  • Fish Odors
  • Flood Odors
  • Food Odors
  • Furniture Odors
  • Garbage Odors
  • Garlic Odors
  • Gasoline Odors
  • Hospital Odors
  • Hunting Odors
  • Kitchen Odors
  • Medicinal Odors
  • Mildew Odors
  • Onion Odors
  • Paint Odors
  • Pet Odors
  • Poultry Odors
  • Rancid Oils
  • Sewer Gases
  • Skunk Odors
  • Smoke Odors
  • Solvent Odors
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Varnish Odors

The instant odor absorbing air sponges and air sprays are human safe and environmentally friendly. They are the perfect replacement for all toxic deodorants, perfumes and other odor-masking products. Also, they are very efficient when used with any type of commercial atomizing system .

The Most Effective Odor Eliminator for the Home or Office

How the Environmental Air Sponge Odor Eater Works

Conventional air fresheners usually only mask unpleasant smells with perfume. This product is not a deodorant; it actually absorbs and eliminates offensive odors and microscopic pollutants

The Environmental Air Sponge is a solid paste-gel made of polyethers, emulsifiesrs, acivated charcoal and hygroscopic and detoxifying agents. When the container is opened, the components work together to dissipate a stream of "lighter than air" molecules into the environment, interacting with and neutralizing odor and pollutant molecules. This creates a purer, fresher, healthier air quality.

How Much Is Needed?

Environmental Odor Eater Air Sponges to remove all odorsAs an odor eliminator for ordinary room conditions -- humidity, mildew, tobacco smoke, food odors, foot odors, pet odors, litter box odors, etc. -- one 8 oz. container will neutralize and eliminate most odors in a 300 square foot area.

  • For areas larger than 300 sq. ft. use two or more 8 oz. containers or use the larger sizes.
  • For pet stores, animal clinics, paint odors or solvent fumes, double the quantity.
  • For fire restoration, triple the quantity.

The Environmental Odor Absorber Air Sponge eliminates virtually all odors and pollutants from the indoor air in your home, office, car, RV or boat, as well as lingering effects in clothing, curtains, drapes, carpets and upholstery. We have been selling and using the odor absorber air sponges for years and have yet to find an odor that they cannot eliminate.

Area of Coverage and Longevity

Under more severe chemical or odor conditions, expect the duration of the odor sponge to be reduced until it has had a chance to stabilize the ambient air in the room.

Quantity Discounts and Case Prices are Available

Odor Elimination Product Summary

8 oz. Environmental Air Sponge

The 8 oz. odor elimination sponge works great in rooms from 200 to 300 square feet with an 8 foot standard ceiling. Depending on the air quality, the sponge can last four to six weeks. The 9 oz odor sponge is also available in a decorator container.

1 Pound Environmental Air Sponge

The one pound tub is effective in a 400 to 600 square feet space with an 8 foot standard ceiling. Depending on the air quality, the sponge can last up to three months. NOTE: To achieve larger treatment areas, place the solid mass on top of the lid to maximize surface area exposure.

4 Pound Environmental Air Sponge

One 4 pound container can cover spaces up to 2,400 square feet and can last up to four to six months, depending on the odor problem. It can also be placed on the return side of an air handling unit. This size is ideal for commercial applications, including smoke remediation, paint fumes, garbage control, industrial odors, chemical off-gassing, etc. NOTE: To achieve larger treatment areas, place the solid mass on top of the lid to maximize surface area exposure.

4 oz. Spray or 22 oz. Nozzle Odor Absorber Spray

The nstant Odor Absorber Air Sponge spray formula is not a masking agent, rather a formula that initiates a physical reaction to change the state of the odor molecule. A human safe and environmentally friendly product, it is the perfect replacement for all toxic deodorants and air fresheners. It is also very efficient when used with any type of commercial atomizing system. A few short mists of Instant Air Sponge spray will instantly neutralize even foul and obstructive odors on contact. Instant Air Sponge spray formula has a base of essential oils, plant and herb extracts.

Air sponge Decorative Cover - Fits 8oz. Size

The Air Sponge cover is designed to fit over the 8oz. size Air Sponge for use in bathrooms, kitchens, mantels, etc. It may also be used with the 1lb. size, but it will not hid the entire container.

Metal Wall Mount  - Fits 8 oz and 1 Pound Size

Odor sponge metal wall mount is ideal for offices, restrooms, basements and public places. Mount your 1/2 lb and 1 lb Air Sponges out of sight.

For Commercial Odor Control and Odor Removal Too!

The Environmental Air Sponge has been successfully utilized as an antidote for offensive odors and fume pollution in a variety of large scale commercial applications. Among others, it has been used in sewer gas treatment facilities, municipal bus and subway systems, commercial airlines, hotels, hospitals and the restoration of buildings damaged by fire and other disasters. Use the Environmental Air Sponge to help prevent Sick Building Syndrome!

Other Odor Removal Technoloies

We offer several other products that are very effective at odor removal. If the odors are in your refrigerator, the Refrigerator Ozonator is the best option. The Environmental Air Sponges are great for small spaces or one-time odor problems. They are a consumable product, so for on-going problems or larger spaces, consider the air purifiers listed on our Odor Control Overview page.

How to Use the Environmental Air Sponge Odor Eater:

  1. Break the security seal.
  2. Remove the lid.
  3. Place the container in the affected area. Do not place directly on heated surfaces (radiators) or in direct sunlight. Initially, the Environment Air Sponge will have a pleasant soap-like scent that dissipates after a few days.
  4. Replace the Environmental Odor Absorber Air Sponge when the volume has reduced to 10% of its original size (roughly 4-6 weeks).

Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Place the container where there is some air circulation, ideally 4-6 feet high.

FOR AREAS WITH NO AIR CIRCULATION, (e.g. closets) direct a small fan into the affected area.

FOR CAR INTERIORS, place the open container under the seat.

FOR SMALL CONFINED AREAS, or to increase longevity, perforate the lid (e.g. 3 holes of approx. 2 cm).

FOR SEVERE PROBLEMS, turn AIR SPONGE upside down, out onto its lid, to maximize the product's surface exposure to contaminated air.

Use the remaining "hardened" product in your vacuum cleaner bags.

Environmental Air Sponge Ingredients

The Environmental Air Sponge is a solid paste gel made of polyethers, emulsifiers, activated charcoal and hygroscopic and detoxifying agents. The product is non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% environmentally safe.

What Customers Say About the Environmental Odor Absorber Air Sponge

"I am writing you this letter to tell you how well Environmental Air Sponge worked for us. We recently had a fire in our restaurant. Phil's in Hanson, Massachusetts. The fire caused considerable smoke throughout both floors of the restaurant. The smoke odor was horrendous . . . placed a few containers of Air Sponge in the dining area where we were working and a couple in the basement at the source of the fire. Within a couple of days the air quality improved a great deal and within a week the smoke odor was practically gone. Air Sponge worked fantastically. We plan to use Air Sponge in the smoking section to control stale cigarette smell as well as the lingering cooking odors that hang around after the food is long gone. You have a great product that rids the environment of unwanted odors better than anything I have seen or heard of."

-- Marvin Novak

"I have been using Air Sponge personally for a number of months. My children are asthmatic and I myself have allergies of the respiratory system. We therefore cannot use any of the products found on the market as they contain ingredients with strong odors that cause irritation of the respiratory tract and only cover up existing odors with fragrance. Since we started to use Air Sponge, the air in our home is odor free and at the same time it is not polluted. You cannot imagine what an ordeal painting becomes when your children are afflicted with asthma. We were very impressed when we used Air Sponge in the room being painted as neither my children nor I had to leave home that night. I tried Air sponge in a summer camp for asthmatic children and it was just wonderful. Air Sponge also proved a great help during my allergy attacks. These are only a few examples which lead me to highly recommend Air Sponge to all asthmatics as well as to those afflicted with respiratory allergies."

-- Danielle Pelletier-Houde President and CEO, Aesthmedia Quebec Association of Asthmatics & Parents of Asthmatic Children

"About three years ago, we turned the refrigerator off in our motor home to store it for the winter. Unfortunately, we forgot there was fish in the freezer and didnt find out until several months later what a lasting effect they have. For the past few years we have tried everything to get the smell out, including baking soda, bleach, and anything on the market that promised to absorb the odor. Needless to say, nothing worked until a friend recommended we try the Air Sponge. We couldnt believe it, but within a week of placing the air sponge in the freezer, the fish smell had vanished! The freezer continues to be fresh smelling, without a trace of the odor, even when its been turned off for several months.

-- Gary & Stephanie Keys, Oregon

My husband and I have lived full time in our motor home for over a year. In the past we have had trouble with musty smells within our small space. Also keeping the refrigerator smelling fresh has been a big problem. Since we purchased the environmental Air Sponge we have not had that problem. I keep one in the refrigerator, under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom. It eliminates all those unwanted odors and everything smells fresh. They are long lasting and easy to use, just open it up and smells disappear. I'd recommend the Air Sponge to anyone wanting to keep their house smelling clean and fresh.

-- Sheryl Bainter, Independence, OR

"I own and operate a shoe and boot repair shop and use lots of different glue, solvents and other smelly stuff. I recently bought the Environmental Air Sponge to see if that would work in getting rid of these smells. I have used other air cleaners and odor reducers and they did not work so I was expecting this to be the same. I was very shocked when this product not only got rid of litter box odor but also glue, solvents, rubber and leather odor also. I love this product!!! I have recommended it to my family, friends and customers who ask why my shop doesnt smell like a shoe repair shop anymore. Thank you for a product that really works like the label says!"

-- Michelle Wolff, Portland, OR

"We us Nature's Air Sponge at our Vet Clinic and sell it as well. We highly recommend this non-toxic, natural odor eliminator."

- Craig & Sue Russell, DMV's

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