Hemp Heart Protein and
Omega Fatty Acid Rich Food Bars

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Each Hemp Heart Energy Bar can be consumed as many separate protein and energy bars, as a large number of tiny but nutrient packed meal components (servings) or as several complete, high protein, high energy morning meals. Each Hemp Heart Energy Bar tastes wonderfully like chocolate and one of many complimentary fruit or nut toppings, but actually consists mostly of Hemp Hearts, the best source of protein, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes on the Earth.

About half of one bar is sufficient for most individuals for a special breakfast, after which they will certainly not require lunch and can further restrict themselves to a raw vegetable salad in the evening, especially on those days when they wish to lose weight.

Because protein is our most essential nutrient, human hunger levels are tuned to the amount of protein available to the body at any time. The 15 grams of easily digested protein in the Hemp Hearts component of about half of one bar will protect the breakfast user from significant hunger until at least mid afternoon. Those who begin their day with at least half of one bar can easily avoid lunch as well as the later consumption of non-essential "fillers" and "energy boosters" foods usually composed mostly of sugar, starches and added fats.

Because the human body uses fat for storing energy, it is unable to extract energy from fat quickly, quite the opposite of sugars and starches. Energy produced from digesting fat arrives evenly, unlike the energy roller coaster experienced by those who eat frequent meals containing sugar, starch and coffee. Unless they need to lose weight, those who begin their day with about half of one bar discover that the 17.7 grams of omega fats supplied by the Hemp Hearts component provides sufficient, continuous energy until evening. Those who consume foods early each morning containing large percentages of protein and essential fats are not inclined to consume foods made mostly with sugar, starch and added fats-foods that often cause premature health failure, that may first appear as,

  • High cholesterol, a sign that veins and arteries have lost their elasticity because of imperfect diet.
  • High blood pressure, a sign that the heart is over-worked, required to pump blood through too many miles of sluggish blood vessels.
  • Type II diabetes, a sign that relevant organs are no longer capable of processing sweet foods and starches.
  • Celiac disease, a sign that the digestive system is unable to process the excessive amounts of gluten and starches that are consumed repeatedly when the body is hungry only because it requires more protein.
  • Depression, often a sign that an individual is unhappy with the shape and limited function of a body that has become overweight and sluggish from a diet high in sweet foods and starches.

Those who wish to change their diets to reverse late onset health problems should eat enough of one bar early each morning that they are not hungry until mid-afternoon. They should consume fluids without calories during the day, but especially when they feel hungry. They should restrict their after breakfast consumption of food on those days when they wish to lose weight to a large raw vegetable salad, eaten in the late afternoon without significant dressing. They should always avoid foods made mostly with sugar, starch and added fats.

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Hemp Hearts High Protein and High Fiber Food imageNut Topped Dark Chocolate Hemp Heart Energy Bar Ingredients

Each 24 square inch bar (12" x 2"), replacing many servings of ordinary foods, is composed of 8 tablespoons (84g) of Hemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds) bonded together with a minimal amount of dark Belgium chocolate (42 g) and generously covered with one of many choices of a generous supply of whole nuts or partially dried fruit (74 g).

The fruit topped hemp heart bars contain 73% cocoa, but the nut topped hemp heart bars contain 53% cocoa, otherwise they would be too bitter tasting.

Hemp Hearts Protein Energy Bars are made from a base of Hemp Hearts (shelled), bonded together with half as much dark German chocolate or dark milk chocolate, covered with a choice of fruit or nuts. These whole food bars have NO Gluten, NO Animal Fat and NO Additives!

Energy Bar Toppings

Hemp heart bars dairy-free dark German chocolate toppings are roasted almond, roasted cashew nut, macadamia nut, pecan, pine nuts, cranberry, blueberry, payaya and strawberry.

Hemp heart bras dark milk chocolate toppings are walnut, hazel nut, apricot, cherry, dragon fruit and gojiberry.


Hemp Heart Meal Replacement Bar Nutrition Facts

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