Aulterra Bulk Powder

Supercharge Your Food and Supplements with Aulterra Powder

Aulterra Bulk Powder

Adding Aulterra powder to food or supplements can significantly increase their effectiveness. Aulterra is the result of years spent in researching the perfect combination of ingredients. Now, in its finely-tuned formulation, Aulterra is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances, which produce a significant enhancement when combined with nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Aulterra's unique properties may also reduce negative side effects.

According to a study done by noted researcher Dr. David Hamilton:

"Therefore, as the evidence shows, a combination of a pharmaceutical product and Aulterra will show a significant enhancement of the pharmaceutical."

Dr. Hamilton concluded that Aulterra powder increased product effectiveness by as much as 60%.

"In addition, the optimization work done by nutraceutical companies shows that when Aulterra is added to a product at a level of .67% w/w, such a powerful enhancement is seen that 30-60% less of the nutraceutical could be used in the formulation." -- Hamilton, David R., "Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients Via the Principle of Negative Entropy", 2000. Read Study

Other Uses for Aulterra Powder

  • Sprinkle Aulterra on your food or supplements
  • Improve animal health (dogs and cats delivered in their water)
  • Improve farm animal health (delivered as part of a blended feed for chicken and livestock)
  • Jumpstart sprouting root cuttings from plants
  • Add to seed sprouting water
  • Great for plants (mix in soil or add to water)
  • Aulterra makes a great face mask
  • Make a poultice for diaper rash, bee stings, spider bites, poison ivy or oak or burns

Soon All Quality Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Will Include Aulterra

With research results continuing to accumulate, demand for Aulterra is certain to escalate. Just as you wouldn't think of making your favorite dinner without the benefit of spices, health care companies will soon include Aulterra in all of their quality formulations.

Kirlian Photography Shows Dramatic Effects of Aulterra

Increased energy and healing power of substances exposed to Aulterra are dramatically displayed by Kirlian photography. These photographs, taken by Chris Wodtke, ( show significant increases in the life force hues, indicating greater healing force. This turbo-charged healing can be part of your product when you add Aulterra powder to your formulation.

Kirlian photography of thumb before and after images

Improve Your Food and Supplements with Aulterra Powder

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