Hazardous Ozone Generators Sold as Air Purifiers

Some devices that are advertised as air purifiers or air cleaners purposely emit large amounts of ozone, the main component of smog! Such ozone generators pose serious health risks. The Air Resources Board recommends that ozone generators not be used.

The following is a partial list of portable ozone generators that are sold as air purifiers. This list includes air cleaners primarily for residential use, plus some for commercial, in-vehicle, and personal use. Inclusion on this list is based on information available at the time of review. Exclusion from this list is not to be construed as endorsement by the California Air Resources Board. In-duct systems and other non-portable ozone generators are not listed here but may generate potentially harmful levels of ozone.

This list (updated September 21, 2007) will be updated periodically as information becomes available.

Air-Zone (All models)
XT-120, XT-240, XT-400, XT-800, XT-2000, XT-4000, XT-6000, XT-14000, XT-28000

Airdow (ADA Air Purifier and Air Cleaner (Xiamen) Co., Ltd)
ADA 311, 377, 388, 705, 706, 708, 717, 728, 729, 737, 739, 767

Allied Products/Biofeedback Instrument Corporation
Kleen-Air King II Model 1004A, 1004, 1004 SP, 1007

Living Air Classic, XL-15, Breeze AT, LA1, LA2, Peak, Flair, Fresh Air, Personal Air Purifier

Applied Ozone Systems
CS-1, CS-2

APSNA - Air & Water Purification Systems North America (All models)
FA1, C3, BAT, F2

Aqua Sun Ozone International
Model-(100, 202A, 206A, 217A, 308, 700, 5000), Model-2500/Kleenair, Model-2500R/Kleenair

Aran Aqua Pollution Control Systems
SS-Series Aranizers (SS-1, SS-3X, SS-4X, SS-6, SS-8, SS-10)
NS-Series Aranizers (NS-3, NS-5, NS-6, NS-8, NS-10)

Better Living
Sun Aire Air Purifier

BioTech Research
EdenPURE Area Air Purifier, EdenPURE Deluxe Air Purifier

Biozone (All models)
50, 100, 102, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, Travel Aire 50V, Travel Aire 250T

Breathe Pure
QOZO-100, QOZO-500

Capital Vanguard Co., Ltd
HV-(107, 109, 202, 202A, 203A, 205, 206A, 207, 207A, 210A, 217A, 308), HV-202I+O3

Carspa Technology Co., Ltd
Car0100, Car0300, Car0400

Cliff Scott Enterprises (All models)
CSE 100, CSE 101

CD-100, CD-120, CD-210, CD-200, CD-2120, CD-2200

Crystal Air (All models)
CA45-2, DC Pro (200, 450, 970), Multizone 280, Pro (420, 700, 3400-1, 3600-1), UV Pro 550

Csonka (All models)
Original AirCare, Super AirCare, Pro AirCare, Automotive AirCare, Facility Control System AirCare, Car Fresh AirCare, Desk Fresh AirCare, Turbo Fresh AirCare

Detail King

EcoQuest (Most models)
Fresh Air, Living Air Classic, Breeze AT, Flair, Fresh Air To Go, EcoBox

H-50, XL-250 SH, TS-50, M10

Ez-com System, Inc.
EA-8705, EW-300, EW600, EW-900, GW-250

Enaly (Most models)
OZX-A200B, OZX-A500B, OZX-A3500, OZX-A700, OZX-7000B

Fresh-Aire (Triatomic Environmental, Inc.)

HealthWay Home Products, Inc.
Healthway Air Deodorizer HW-DE01

Hefei Sensing Electronic Co., Ltd.
Ozone Air Purifier

Imperial Products
Air Fresh G-100, Moonland Desktop Ozone Purifier, SL-002 High Output Ozone Air Purifier, XJ-1000 Ionic Air Purifier, XJ-3000B Professional Ozone Air Purifier

Jenesco (All models)
DC-12, PT101, PT101W, PT109, PT109W, PRO-4, PRO-8, FM-1,FM-2

King Air & Water Purification Corporation
See Allied Products

Lenntech (All models)
Series 3000

LA-1XP/2500, LightningAir Plus 5PX series, LA-2SPX

Longevity Resources
ZipZone, EnviroPro (420, 700, 3400, 3600, 3600-5)

Matsutek Enterprises Co., Ltd.
ION737, AR-150, CA-320, CA-721

N206a, N208

Natural Air
Natural Air

Nature's Air

DC Pro 450, Pro 700, DC Pro 970, UV Pro 550

Odatus (All models)
Odatus II

Oxytech Research (All models)
MGA-500, MGA-1000, MGA-2000, MGA-3500

Ozomax, Ltd.
Ozo Fresh 30

Ozone Environmental Technologies
Uvonair (1000, 3000, 5000)

Ozone Solutions (All models)
MZ-280, MZ-450, MZ-950, OMZ-420, OMZ-700, OMZ-1000, OUV-550, OMZ-2500, OMZ-3400

Peaceful Breeze
Small Room Air Purifier Model 388

Peak Pure Air
Peak O3 Air Purifier

Prozone (All Models)
PZ5-A, PZ2-2A, The Prozone (Purifier), Whole House Twister, PZ6-AIR, Whole House Air and Surface Purifier

Pure 'n Natural (Certain models)
OZ-2000 ( Odor Zapper ), Sani-Mate AS-250-B, NA50 Deodorizer/Air Freshener

QCH Tradelink

Quantum Pure Aire
AccuAire ALS-750, ALS-1500, ALS-3000, RMS-100, ClassicAire (CS-1000, CS-2000, CS-3500), XP-350

Queenaire Technologies, Inc.
QT Storm, QT Thunder, QT Thunder-24, QT Tornado, QT Cyclone, Newaire Plugin

Rain Fresh Air
RFA5000, RFA3500

RainbowAir (All models)
Newaire Plug In, Activator (250, 500, 1000)

Shenyang Bodycare Ozone Research Insitute
UV_Portable, UV_Wall Mount

SpringAir (Certain models)
CS-1, CS-2

Sun Aire
see Better Living

SurroundAir (Certain models)

Taoture International Enterprises, Inc.
OZX-A200B, OZX-A500B

TriMed AirMedic
SBR-1, SBH-1, C12-1, C12-U1

Trump Electronic Company
TP-2, TP-3, TP-4, TP-5, TP-6, TCB-913GC

Ultra-Pure (Real spirit USA)
UP-988, UP-899, Pet-Pro 3800

Windchaser (Certain models)
IF-1, IF-2, IMC-1

Zhuhai Large Horse Electrical appliances Co., Ltd.
HMA (300, 300/A, 300/A02, 300/H01, 300/H02, 300/RH, 300/RH01, 300/RH02, 600/O3)

Perfect Air Plug-In, PA 100, PA 200, PA 300, O3 Air Purification System

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